Business Trip To China

I left Malaysia on the 15th of June. Will be here till the 21st. This is my second trip.

Day 1

Previously, I stayed in The Garden hotel. This time around, we are staying at Marriott, Tien He. The check in counter at the hotel is at the 5th floor. Yes. You enter the building, take a lift to the 5th floor. Another set of lifts would take you to the rooms. Whether you like it or not, to get to your room/entrance of the hotel, you get up/down to the 5th floor, change lifts to get to your destination. Interesting huh?

Dinner was at this restaurant called Element Fresh. Big in portion and big in price. Cant help much given it is part of the Taikoo Hui.

The food in Guangzhou is generally costly. Though that did not prevent me from eating good food. Taxis are ample, though you should be wary of the timings. Peak time would see most of the taxis occupied. So, we must ensure we leave at the right time to avoid late arrival/hungry tummy.

Day 2

Lunch was at Crowne Plaza. We had Dim Sum at the Mei Hua Chinese Restaurant.

We had Thai food for dinner in this restaurant called Yummi in the Grandview Mall. To say the food was yummy is an understatement.

Day 3-Day 5

  • Week long, breakfast was an assortment of fast foods like a burger or nuggets from McD’s/KFC. Other times, it was a sandwich from Starbucks.
  • Desert was ice-cream from either of the two joints above.
  • Lychee was in season. Ate that in abundance.
  • Had lunch twice in Crowne Plaza, both times at Hao Chi Gourmet Restaurant.
  • Dinner for the second time, was at Yummi.
  • Visited the People’s Park, viewed the Canton Tower & Opera House.
  • Another colleague also took us for a drive around the city after dinner at Xin Yue Muslim restaurant.
  • Night view of Tien He is simply awesome.
  • Visited Beijing Street again. Bought a Ultraman watch for N. Had food at this restaurant called Lombok Indonesian restaurant.
  • Took a walk to the Tee Mall and had dinner at the Pizza Hut.
  • Walked about at the many retails stores along the metro station of Tee Mall.
  • Did a little shopping at Aeon for the boys.

Day 6

Did some minor shopping at H&M in Grandview Mall before checking out at 11.15am. First time ever, I experienced delayed flight. It was first scheduled at 2.40pm, only to take off at 4pm. Good too as my husband’s charter bus was also delayed-he was away on his company’s team building.

Shamelessly asked if the best peanuts served in Malaysia Airlines is not served this time around. Received those peanuts from the steward generously.


  • A steward was flirting with me. This was en route to Guangzhou.
  • A steward was generous to pack peanuts for me. I consider these two events as a personal highlights. Definitely a confidence booster! Hah! This was on the flight home.
  • I would recommend all the eateries mentioned here. The food was very good.
  • Even a mundane business trip would be cheerful when you have the right people with you.
  • It pays to be nice to all.
  • The truth will emerge, somehow. I experienced this first hand and it is related to work. Also that people actually observe you at work. The higher ones, I mean.
  • All in all, this was one the best business trip I ever had.

The police patrol van in Beijing Street


My McD breakfast


The Canton Tower


The Asian Games Stadium


View from the People’s Park


I started this post while still in China, well, the intro and Day 1 was at least. The rest were written this morning. So, please excuse the tenses.


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