It is tough being a woman nowadays

Indra Nooyi

  • It is just not possible to give an interview without having you torn into pieces, nowadays, eh?
  • She gave an insight to her life, on what her mom feels (purposely I am omitting her career part). And yet, all we cared is how patriarchy affects a woman and she was submissive to her mother.
  • Did it occur to people that her mom is taking care of the home front? That, she could only show her frustration to her daughter, to her own child, instead of her son in law?
  • She should ask her mom to shove it just because she’s a CEO? Really?
  • Where was her husband? Hello! The interview was about her.
  • Lastly, why can’t we take things at face value? I am quite tired of all the ‘what ifs’ and ‘whys’ thrown at women by women nowadays.

Live & Let Live. Respect people’s choices.

  • As much as I am career minded and am a workaholic, I ensure I leave office at 5pm. If I have to work late, I feel very guilty as that additional time I spend at the office is my family time.
  •  I don’t call home to check on my children if they are sick when I am at work. When I reach home though,  I take over and nurse the children all through the night. The second shift starts. Does anyone care? No. Should they care? No.
  • I try to minimise my travels. My husband does not. Not because he doesn’t care about his children and family or if his job is more important than mine. It is because I have more say in deciding if I want to travel of not.  Does that make him a bad parent? No. Does it make me a good parent? No. We are simply being parents here.
  • Can I quit my job and stay at home? Yes. Do I want to quit? No. Why? Because I like working and this is how my life has been. Does that make me a bad parent? No.
  • So what if I cook for my family? Eyes pop out. ‘Oh, you are a good wife.That’s when I roll my eyes. Since when preparing dinner for my family makes me good? Food is a basic need. So what if my husband doesn’t cook? Does it make him a bad person? I just don’t get it.

All the tit for tat is spiralling out of hand and out of context. Just like the reactions Nooyi’s interview received.


It’s One of Those Days

I have been wanting to blog for the longest time. I simply don’t have the drive to type anything though there are so many things I want to say.

For the sake of getting out of this phase, here are few things that I want to share or could have shared earlier.


  • Materials which were lying in there cupboard for 7-8 years has been given to the tailor for stitching suits. Traditional wear which require alteration has also been given.
  • Finally, bought curtains for the prayer room.
  • Packed some of the boys’ worn out clothes. Replaced most of D’s pyjamas and clothing as his were mostly N’s hand me downs.
  • N has outgrown most of his jeans. Got him a couple more.
  • Also gave away few of my unused clothing. As I have been quite systematic in giving away the clothes, I realise my wardrobe has lesser clothes than expected-which means I need to shop to have more clothes.
  • Redid some storage work in the store-room. Smaller things in the drawers are more compartmentalized now and looks neat.
  • Had to resist the urge to buy long wallet-again.
  • D is very interactive. Seems to understand us and is attempting to talk.
  • I am known to make some kick-ass ulunthu vada and banana cake. I also intend to dabble more on a variety of snacks for breakfast/tea.
  • Have put on some weight though I don’t know where the excess fat is. The back to back business trips could be the culprits. I don’t feel more fat than usual though. According to my BMI, I am overweight and in the verge of obese with this additional weight. *sigh*


I am still the advisor for the new team. Have started 100% on the new role as well as still managing 1 fourth of the old work due to the lack of competence in the new team. In addition to that, I am also helping another function, albeit on ad hoc basis. All this are fascinating, though at times, I am thinly stretched.


I can’t help but to thank god. Have been thinking a lot of this lately. Can’t thank god enough for all the wonderful things and people I have. For making me see and cherish the smaller things in life that makes one happy, very happy.  I am truly blessed where I am free to do things on my will and without any limitations. For the monetary freedom to spend on things I like and care about. To laugh at silly things, to make fun and be part of goofyness.

From home front to work, things are simply awesome! And I have god to thank for that!

Comprehension and what not

D effortlessly uses the Ipad and my handphone to get to his choice of applications. YouTube, Temple Run, games, he touches there, he touches here and ergo, he is all set to go.

He is also attempting to talk. Comprehension is at its best. He understands and does all that he is told of. Last morning, he asked for ‘water’, and on another day, he asked the maid for ‘buku’.

Last but not least, he is one obedient child. That cutey pie!

D is 1 year 6 months 17 days old.