It’s One of Those Days

I have been wanting to blog for the longest time. I simply don’t have the drive to type anything though there are so many things I want to say.

For the sake of getting out of this phase, here are few things that I want to share or could have shared earlier.


  • Materials which were lying in there cupboard for 7-8 years has been given to the tailor for stitching suits. Traditional wear which require alteration has also been given.
  • Finally, bought curtains for the prayer room.
  • Packed some of the boys’ worn out clothes. Replaced most of D’s pyjamas and clothing as his were mostly N’s hand me downs.
  • N has outgrown most of his jeans. Got him a couple more.
  • Also gave away few of my unused clothing. As I have been quite systematic in giving away the clothes, I realise my wardrobe has lesser clothes than expected-which means I need to shop to have more clothes.
  • Redid some storage work in the store-room. Smaller things in the drawers are more compartmentalized now and looks neat.
  • Had to resist the urge to buy long wallet-again.
  • D is very interactive. Seems to understand us and is attempting to talk.
  • I am known to make some kick-ass ulunthu vada and banana cake. I also intend to dabble more on a variety of snacks for breakfast/tea.
  • Have put on some weight though I don’t know where the excess fat is. The back to back business trips could be the culprits. I don’t feel more fat than usual though. According to my BMI, I am overweight and in the verge of obese with this additional weight. *sigh*


I am still the advisor for the new team. Have started 100% on the new role as well as still managing 1 fourth of the old work due to the lack of competence in the new team. In addition to that, I am also helping another function, albeit on ad hoc basis. All this are fascinating, though at times, I am thinly stretched.


I can’t help but to thank god. Have been thinking a lot of this lately. Can’t thank god enough for all the wonderful things and people I have. For making me see and cherish the smaller things in life that makes one happy, very happy.  I am truly blessed where I am free to do things on my will and without any limitations. For the monetary freedom to spend on things I like and care about. To laugh at silly things, to make fun and be part of goofyness.

From home front to work, things are simply awesome! And I have god to thank for that!


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