A Little of This & That

I so wanted to blog about many things going on, be it about my maid, the racists in my country, the no good politicians, holier than thou humans, my weight, my frugal living, my children, husband. The list was simply endless. When the time finally came to jot these down, either my mind went blank or I wasn’t just into it. Finally, the time has come for me to pen down some of it.


  • ‘We are more powerful than you’, ‘We want to safe guard our religion’, ‘You are pendatang’, ‘You are kafir’, ‘Other races are ungrateful’, ‘Go back to your own country’-these are used by some politicians to create distrust and disharmony among the races. Many of us are at least third generation Malaysians and they call us ‘Pendatang’. Sadly, some of the common people feel the same too.
  • A certain blood shed date is also strewn  there and here. That day was one of the blackest one in Malayan history. It was the day violent clashes happened between the races, resulting in many people being hurt or killed.
  • Traces of other ancient civilisations in country are being wiped out in the name of the one religion.
  • Malaysian history is being rewritten, giving prominence to a single race/religion.
  • In the name of religion, hatred is spread. Religious forums are used to create mistrust and spread malicious stuff about other races and religions.
  • Some people fail to realise that we are humans first, no need to use religion to divide the races for own selfish gains.
  • Thankfully, the majority of us just ignore the ‘jokers’ and life is normal. It is just that sometimes, it does get to your nerves.


  • I am waiting for March 2015. That is when her contract ends.
  • Whenever I leave her on her own to do her work, she ends up not doing it or takes the longest time to do it or does 30% of the task or simply dozes off while doing the task.
  • I have given up her a long time ago.


  • Almost all of the projects I had in mind for this year (and those which sprang unannounced) are completed.
  • A built in shoe rack and a minor shelving work is what is pending.


  • As much as we fight, we bounce back pretty soon, too.
  • I learnt through many other blogs, that most couple, regardless of the number of years they are married, do fight. So, we are not an exception. It is assuring to know that!


  • I indulge in fart jokes with them.
  • The younger one is such a gem to be with. He is trying to talk and the way he says and reacts to things is simply too cute.
  • He understands EVERYTHING we say to him. Like the other day, I was telling the elder one I was going to throw his lunch box if he does not put it away. The younger one promptly carried the lunch box to the kitchen and was about the throw it into the garbage bin!
  • The older one is testing both his and my limit. Temper tantrums are abound. He is also challenging me from time to time.


Like common sense, ethics are not that common either.

All in all, life is good. I managed to complete Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club in two days. That’s a feat given the last time that happened, I was still single!

I also managed to catch a few movies.

So, yeah!



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