D’s Increasing Vocabulary

Ku-Thank you
Ka-Mickey Mouse
Anna-Anne (brother)
Papa-Johnny Johnny Yes Papa nursery rhyme
Pin-Upin Ipin cartoon
Yaya-Boboiboy cartoon
Up-wants to go upstairs
Out/Go-wants to go out
Patu-Sepatu (shoes in Bahasa Indonesia)

And he kisses with a sound!

D is 1 year 8 months 22 days old.


Meet Teddy-My Very own Plush Toy

For the longest time, I wanted to add this entry. WordPress simply refused to allow me to add the picture.

Well, this is teddy. I hand sewed him myself. As a stress reliever. To prevent me from punching some people. Teddy has some fans already, by the way!

A College Reunion, Brand Consciousness, Book & In Laws

A College Reunion

6 mid 30 year olds become the same old same old final year students last Saturday. The closeness and teasings started almost immediately. Some talk about the lecturers, the lectures, how we were back then, the food, the class bunking…ahhhh Wonderful!

We did not realise the time passing at all. That much fun it was!!

Brand Consciousness

As part of my frugal living, I have decided to let go of buying branded handbags for office use. A RM300 (or 30%-50% if discounted) bag lasts me about 1-1.5 years. I dump it the booth, remove it when I reach office, take it upstairs, leave it at my locker, remove it when I am leaving office, dump it in the booth and finally take it in with me once I reach home. Either the bag collects dirt or unremoval stain from the booth or it becomes unsightly due to wear & tear. What is the point? With that, I bought a brandless tote at a fraction of the usual cost I pay. Wish me luck.


Gone Girl-Not a fantastic read, but  a good one. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, was a tad more better, I feel. Perhaps, the hype surrounding could have let me down, a tiny bit. I enjoyed reading it and it was suspenseful, nevertheless!

The In-Laws

They came back from their annual vacation. My SIL actually sent me a bottle of perfume and my favaourite packets of crisps. The crisps, touched my heart. This, after a two years hiatus!