Magnificient India

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This is my second business trip to Delhi this year, 14-19 Dec 2014. What can I say? I have fallen in love with this country and its people. Yes. It is a 180 degrees turn from my very first experience way back.

I guess it has got to do with the stressful nature of trip then and the kind people I had to deal with it. This time around, it was just so different. Practically everyone was bending backwards to accomodate me in this trip.

A short summary:

  • managed to catch Lingaa the evening before the morning flight to India the next day.
  • shopped like crazy in Reliance Trends
  • Went to Lajpat Nagar. Good choice of materials though I didn’t but any as I am not much into stitching suits. Bought dried nuts from Sindhi and a bag from one of the stalls. Was looking for authentic indian cushion covers but couldn’t find one at a reasonable price.
  • Regret not buying some kurtha tops for the boys from Lajpat nagar.
  • Managed to eat in Moti Mahal Express. 🙂
  • Haldiram shopping was a must
  • Return flight was delayed by more than hour. Initial time was to depart at 9.25pm. The actual take off was at about 10.52pm only.
  • Did not buy liquor or ciggy for family. I no longer want to contribute to their unhealthy lifestyle.
  • First time experienced winter in Delhi. The coldest was 5 degrees. The last trip I made was during summer. Back in May, I experienced 41 degrees.
  • I left a pair of jeans in the room. 😦
  • Bought some aroma therapy oils and incense sticks at the airport. A wonderful buy!
  • Saw few kamasutra coffee table books at the airport bookstores. Looked very nice. Thought of buying one back home. didn’t for a reason which seems silly now.
  • Wanted to buy Mahahabaratha by Kamala Sunbramaniam. Om bookstore did not carry those. I am now looking at other means of getting it here in Malaysia.
  • That said, I managed to get Ajaya, Jaya, Sita & Palace of Illusions. At one point I was reading books by ethnic Chinese authors. Now, it’s Indian authors!
  • Last but not least, the head of the head with whom I deal actually came to say hi when he heard I was there. He specifically mentioned the issues I had dealt with before and the people who had said a thing or two about me. These are the top level mgmt group I am talking about. I was so humbled by the whole scenario. Recognition comes when you least expect it and in ways you can’t guess. Hardwork pays! Thank you!

Lingaa                                                                                                                                                            What could I say? Rajini as the Maharaj rocked! And the intro train sc ene? Warehwah! Though Sonakshi Sinha looked out of place in a poverty stricken village, she was such a delight to watch. I love Anushka however I felt she was too made up for her intro scene. So much so, she looked like a drag queen. She redeemed herself in Mona Mona though.

This is a true K.S.Ravikumar movie. No interference from ANYONE nor was there a George Bush. *evil laugh*


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