The End

Good news after good news!

  • A dear friend shared a wonderful news that they are expecting their second child. The formal announcement will be made sometime next week.
  • The friend who was the cause of much irritation, apologised profusely. To the point of crying. I felt very bad to see her cry like that. Perhaps, I was a tad too sensitive.
  • Today is our sixth wedding anniversary.
  • Finished the last of the Shiva trilogy. Very sad that a great warrior fell. At the same time, I am glad to have read the books.
  • I have changed my blog URL.
  • My book collection list is going through some minor changes.
  • We are officially a family of Rajini fans. The younger one wants to watch Mona Mona from time to time.  He also sings it to get our attention.

Lastly, congrats in completing the blogathon.


The Weekly Savings

I came accross this article where it said it was easy to save upto RM1326 per annum just by putting aside a weekly sum corresponding every week of the year. RM1 for week, RM2 for week 2 and so on till week 51.

What is there to lose? I am giving it a try just for the fun of it. Afterall, I will be RM1326 richer this December 2015. 😛

N & D’s Chronicles


  • Likes watching Doodiman. Doodiman is an animation which revolves around poop. It has since been banned at home.
  • The new toy ban is very much effective. It has been about two months without any new toys at home.
  • The other deal is, he has to read and get all the spellings correct for his weekly spelling test. Also, he has to give away one old for every new toy he buys.
  • For two consecutive weeks, he has all his spellings right.
  • Loves to annoy D by pushing, shoving, etc
  • Getting a taste of his own medicine. D is hitting him back.
  • Eats well. I am feeding him and ensures he eats as much as possible.
  • He weights 17kgs and I am seeing growth sprut. He is taller now.

N is 5 years 3 months 2 days old.


  • Has progressively increased vocabulary.
  • Says out the things he sees. Baby talk is still there very much. It is cute to see and hear him speak using both to articulate his words.
  • Asks for medicine when hurt.
  • Cat, dog, rhino, giraffe, zebra, frog, lion (his favorite), tiger, bird are some of the animals he could name.
  • He still has his lovely baby smell
  • He tells me each time his brother pushes him, kicks him, touches his hair or annoys him
  • Has started with little white lies like his brother/aunt/uncle kicking him without them actually doing so. Telling me that the maid threw and broke his toy truck when we all saw him doing it right there and then.
  • Quite possessive over his bicycle. Makes noise and immediately tells me when his brother rides it.
  • Told me ‘kosu bite’ after midnight. Mosquito bit him, it seems.
  • So much easier to give him medication. He just sits and opens his mouth wide. No longer need another person to restrain him.
  • Takes Scott’s Emulsion easily too.

D is 2 years 27 days old.