Dressing Up

I have always been on the simple side of dressing up. Nothing too flashy. Nothing too elaborate. Minimal accessories, if anything at all. Not much of a clothing shopper, especially on traditional wear.

As we were attending some events, I saw for myself the effort some people put in to look as presentable as they were. They looked good, so well groomed and refreshed. Some how, I wanted to be like that. Looking good, well-groomed and refreshed. Not the no time for threading mother.

With that in mind, I bought colourful tops while I was in India. With matching vibrant red and green slacks to go with. No more just white and black. Accessories are no longer left behind. I have rearranged my bangles for easier access. I bought matching sets for my kurtis.

I make up my face. It is no longer just lipstick and eyeliner. I am adding colour to my eyes and cheeks too. If not now, when else? I no longer feel like a drag queen with a fully made up face.

And you know what, it feels great when you know you too could carry colours after all!


6 thoughts on “Dressing Up

  1. 🙂 you need to put pic’s then he he he he 🙂

    have fun and enjoy and i think it is in our own mind how we will look, or what will others say .. forget about all that and wear what you like and Everything looks good …

  2. Have fun with the colours Jay. I hope this does not work in phases like for me.. although an eye liner works as an overall maker for the face for me on most days, it happens in phases.. sometimes there for a few weeks not there, it takes a while even for me to get to recognize me then.. 🙂

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