Poisoned Myself

I was quite excited to know and see for myself that the coffee vending machine in our Indian office comes equipped with fresh milk. Elsewhere, it is creamer that is used. I was personally very excited and was in awe to see the fresh milk container fixed to the machine. I quickly grabbed a cup and got myself a coffee. Shortly, after taking few sips, I was feeling nauseous. I wanted to throw up. My tummy was acting up. Head started to spin.

Had to go to the loo a few times. And finally puked too. Each time I came back to the meeting room, I felt awful. The moment I step out, all is fine.

And then the light bulb lit. It was the fresh milk. You see, I developed an allergic reaction to fresh milk when I was pregnant. The mere smell of it would trigger nausea and make me puke. No wonder, the small cup of coffee was aggravating the symptoms while I was in the room as the cup was just beside me.

Stupid is how I felt!



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