I tend to read books in a particular genre or authors only for sometime. At one point, it was everything Sidney Sheldon, then classics like Pride & Perjudice and the likes. How could I miss Roald Dahl.

If it’s time for R.K.Narayan, then it’s all about RKN books. Saki, Mahabaratha, hinduism related, Asian authors all took turns though not chronologically listed here. At one point, it was specifically Amy Tan, then authors of Indian origin. Dan Brown had his time too.

Now, it’s time for Siva Trilogy.

I am still not buddy buddy with e-books.


3 thoughts on “Phases

  1. that reminds me I did buy the Siva trilogy.. got to read them yet ..

    and me too not buddy buddy with e-books i like to feel the touch of paper in my hands when reading the book

  2. Ahha happens with me as well, may be not the genre, but the author.. I would just be reading the books of one author if I start with one and like them… But the entire of last year has been mythology based fiction, so ya it is a genre.. Shiva Triology! oppsy I better stay quiet until you finish it, and if you finish it.

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