Weekly Challenge

  • One special item of the week
  • One special breakfast item
  • One baking special

These are my goals for 2015 in order to expand my kitchen adventures. I thought of this weekly challenge just like that while deciding whether to facebook or continue with my book!

That said, I truly hope this activity will not sizzle out just like that as I kind of like cooking and love the compliments I tend to get nowadays! 🙂

With that, here are my week 2 items:

  1. Yee Mee soup
  2. Sambal tumbuk ikan bilis
  3. Idli & coconut chutney
  4. Chocolate chips cookies (threw away the whole batch as almond essence spoilt it)

All in all, made four items, of which 3 for the first time. First time as in a new recipe, methodology.




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