Out of the norm, hubby wanted to watch ‘I’-the latest Shankar movie. Normally, it is I who would want to go to cinema to watch movies. This was a nice welcome change. It being a Shankar movie, I would have asked him to take me during the weekend anyway. However, hubby, being bored at home insisted we go for it the evening itself. All this happened last night.

Did I enjoy the movie? Yes

Was it a must watch? No

The comedy was hilarious. What more with Santhanam and the unexpected guest appearance of Power Star. Vikram’s transformations were good and so were the picturization of the movie. It had the usual Shankar touch. Extravagance and everything impeccable. Storyline was different but predictable. I would not consider that a flaw though.

The only negative point for me was the portrayal of the villains towards the end and the making fun element. The thing is, though the villains literally reaped what they sowed, the end results were too realistic. It felt as though I was looking at the actual people, not actors. You get what I mean?

The conclusion is, I prefer Raja Lingeswaran over Lingesan at anytime.

Edited to add: I am not saying now that I is better than Lingaa. Just that it is a movie worth watching with excellent acting by Vikram, with through & through Shankar, AR Rahman music, art direction, cinematographer, song lyrics & what not. We have the DVD at home and each time we watch it, I awe in wonder!


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