I enjoy reading religious shares (of all religions and beliefs). It reinforces my own belief system that religion is a way of life. It brings us closer to the One. It is secondary that humans are distorting the very essence. Alas, I am digressing.

Vacation, hobbies of people, restaurant check in and movies related posts are both entertaining and informational. I have in fact taken up few projects after being inspired by some of these posts. Some very good restaurants were discovered by sheer posts of others.

Quotes and articles on anything & everything is simply amazing. I jump at every opportunity to read those that catches my fancy. It could be the latest celebrity gossips, articles on relationship, parenting, work related, bitchy girl friends, cooking or anything.

The other benefit is the sharing of the latest news and the sensational ones. Any dumb remark by a politician is quickly shared.

The things that I can’t quite stand on Facebook are not many. Those self righteous, pompous posts really really annoy me. The good people who proclaim their love to their mom, dad or husband on Facebook rather than in person simply irritate me. I mean, what are you trying to prove?

The complainers and those born negative. How I wish I could hug them to give them some cheer. So much of negativity to the point it makes you wonder the kind of existence they are living.

Last but not least, the comparer. Mine is always better than yours posts. Makes me wanna puke especially when the comparisons are between actors, music directors.

All in all I love Facebook. A wonderful social media which keeps me connected-to all people known; good, bad or simply freaky!

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