What’s for tea?

Paruppu Vadai

Paruppu Vadai

Tea snack made last weekend. Only channa dhall was used together with the usual assortments of ginger, onion, chilli and cumin. End result was a yummy crispy paruppu vadai.


Some plants and a fish


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The Potted plants
Photos 1&2 show the ferns and flower decor in my porch. The bonsai is a new addition to the family. I have another 5 potted ferns which line the front casement windows.

The money plant
Photo 3 is the money plant which I brought back from my office desk. It seems to be enjoying the natural sunlight and its new surroundings.

My pet fish
And the last one is of the special guest, my pet fish, Fish. My longest surviving and only fish, Fish. The survivor, also known as the Amma (moi) fish due to its aggresiveness. It has injured fishes bigger its size, thus earning the name Amma fish. She’s a gourami.

Captured these for keepsake.

Avengers & Blood Donation Drive


So, after all the heartache (read here), we caught the movie. Just not before I read the blood donation drive being held at that very mall later that day though. I quickly calculated the mechanics of me donating blood and informed husband of the same.

As it should, I went to register myself right after the movie while hubby & N went to get some toys. The registration took a longer time than the actual drawing. In least than 6-8 mins, I was done. Only to spend another 10 minutes remain seated to prevent dizziness. Not that I felt dizzy.

As I had prepared lunch before that morning, off we went home right after that to fill our tummies with home cooked food.

Now, my two cents on the movie. I kind of got confused with Ultron. Need to google on that. Secondly, *spoiler alert* if there is another installation of Avengers, some of the heroes would not be present?




Hubby had asked her to take a box of ice-cream from the freezer to my mom’s. She did. At 6am and duly left it in the car booth. No issues there, right? There was an issue, afterall. We were not expected to leave the house till half an hour later.


Me: What is that smell in your room? Maid: I don’t know. Me: Open your drawer. She opens it. Me: What is that? Maid: *Silence* Me: Are those your unwashed clothes? Are you that lazy even to wash your own clothes? How long has it been? Maid: *Silence*





It was meant to be on Saturday, 25 April @11:40am. And I had to book the day before, on a working day! RM33 burnt. So much for frugal living. Bah!

The story doesn’t end there! *sigh* There’s an ongoing promotion for credit cards same as mine for RM10 tickets each as long as you walk in to the counter. Meaning, I had forked out an additional RM5+RM1.50 to the already burnt RM33. The worst of all, the cinema was not at all packed and we could have simply walked in to the counter and gotten few decent seats nevertheless! Double bah!




The Kitchen Door, Cinema & Colour of Choice

Fact or Fiction 1

He likes to keep the wooden kitchen backdoor open while the Mrs likes keeping it open. She likes the fresh air and bright kitchen. He doesn’t want any noise to emit from the house and to keep prying eyes away.

So, she opens and he closes each freaking time. There’s a compromise, of course. She keeps it open when she is in the kitchen or when cooking.

Fact or Fiction 2

At the cinema, the mrs opens up a packet of crisps and holds it for the Mr. Likewise for popcorns. She would be holding in nearer to him so that he has easy access to the popcorns till it finishes. Pass the food item for him to hold, he would have had enough at precisely the same time.

Fact or Fiction 3

Both Mr & Mrs like the colour blue. With any arguments, both unisonly wanted the main walls of both the livings to be blood red in colour.



O Kadhal Kanmani @ OK Kanmani



That was my FB post last night-right after watching the movie. Poetry in motion. That sums up my feelings and I dare say hubby’s too.

Hubby said the movie was like us. Hah!

In all honesty, that is what I thought or perhaps it was a minute fantasy that  I would eventually end up with a live in partner and life goes on just like that; if I did find the right person, that is.  As much as I wanted to have childern, this fantasy did not evolve to/involve children and it died off just like that.

Once we became a couple, there was nothing stopping us, just like Aadi & Tara. And it left (well, I am still reeling from it) a feel good charm.

Please watch it.

And I kinda like Mani Ratnam now. There, I said it.