O Kadhal Kanmani @ OK Kanmani



That was my FB post last night-right after watching the movie. Poetry in motion. That sums up my feelings and I dare say hubby’s too.

Hubby said the movie was like us. Hah!

In all honesty, that is what I thought or perhaps it was a minute fantasy that  I would eventually end up with a live in partner and life goes on just like that; if I did find the right person, that is.  As much as I wanted to have childern, this fantasy did not evolve to/involve children and it died off just like that.

Once we became a couple, there was nothing stopping us, just like Aadi & Tara. And it left (well, I am still reeling from it) a feel good charm.

Please watch it.

And I kinda like Mani Ratnam now. There, I said it.



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