Red Honda

It was raining heavily. It was the only petrol station in this part of the housing area. One needs to drive out of the housing area, to the main road to the next closest petrol station. Each bunk had two cars back to back. One fueling up, the other waiting for it’s turn. Same scenario at all 6 bunks.

We wait our turn behind a red Honda with fully tinted windows just as the driver got into the car after fueling up. And we waited and waited. And waited. For a full 4 minutes. We couldn’t move anyway as a big school bus the size of a charter bus stood blocking the only path forward.

As the bus gradually inched forward, so did we, letting go of our spot to go look for another bunk. His car could be completely tinted. That, however, did not stop me from mouthing ‘asshole’ as our car was in parallel to the driver’s window.


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