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A very entertaining movie from Venkat Prabu. A totally different story and not something we expected. A couple of twists here and there. Not a minute is bore! I think I wouldn’t mind watching it again.

Yennai Arindhaal

So, I have missed noting this movie. To be honest, I was quite disappointed with this movie of Gautham Menon. No, I went with zero expectations, as with all other movies. It, well, just didn’t make the cut. I was bored. Waiting for it to end, even. Trisha was gorgeous with her graceful maturity. A brief but very nice portrayal of character. Storyline-wise, nothing exceptional.


I am currently reading this book.


Movies at home

Ambala: C.Sunder is back! This movie is funny and it’s songs preppy. A good masala movie if you are not a fussy-pot.

Kanchana 2: Watch it for the comedy. The flashback was short and crisp. Anything after and the ending could have been better though.

36 Vayathinile: Jothika was a natural. Rahman, well, he is one brat of a husband. The storyline, well, nothing out of the world when you have English Vin its glish as a benchmark.

Tamil En Ondrai Aluthavum: A nice thriller. A mother & son duo who talks science. A not so fair heroine who is cute. A blooming love. A terrorist waiting to plant a bomb. No separate comedy track which makes it all more humourous.

Mahabalipuram: Please watch. Doesn’t carry big names or fancy sets. Not meant for fussy-pots or those who are after pretty faces in movies.

More & more offbeat tamil movies are made nowadays. With average or rather normal looking actors. With original screenplay, wonderful acting. Some with unexpected twists. Some feel good. With a variety of comedy cum character actors, it is at times a laughing riot watching the movies.

A happy me.

The In Laws

With the ground rules set and reinforced a couple of times, everyone seems to know their place now. There were some minor stuff which didn’t warrant any reaction. As those did not fall under the do or die category, I let it pass.

A second class citizen, that is the status you get as a DIL.

Here are some of the ways of a DIL at home.

Bear in mind that these are not explicitly told, you get the vibes.

  • Not expected to sit with them.
  • Help in the kitchen or do housework while the rest are relaxing. The same is not expected of other adults at home.
  • Keep your wants, needs and opinions to yourself.
  • When visitors come, you are showered with love and affection.
  • Be the wife they have in mind for their son. The kind which compliments their son in every manner.
  • Your parents and family are distant memory. Nothing more.

All these have now changed. With exception to point 4. It is remains. I am not complaining. When I go to their house, I clean up after eating and also do the dishes. That is common courtesy. Other than that, I sit on the couch and watch tv like the rest of the family. Or indulge in small (very small talk) if it warrants or if I am spoken to.


Hand Towels

She soaked those with her own clothes.


She said my youngest had finished eating a slice of cheese when in actual fact, I had to see the balled cheese in her left hand.

Unwashed clothes

She ‘hides’ it by placing a pail over the other. Leaves it like that till odour from the unwashed clothes hits your face as you open the bathroom door.


Her idea of washing the bathroom is by splashing lots of water and only that before clearing the water.


Due to her unhygenic handling of everything, she gets frequent sores on her hands. She doesn’t use any of the meds given just to prolong her ‘condition’.

Black Face

We have to put with her shit face on weekends. She pretends not to hear us when she is called. She takes 15 minutes to wash five dishes. Almost everything is done slow mo. Tried counselling her many times, it’s just not working. I bought her clothes from the same place I shop, give her the same food I eat, she has her own fully furnished room. She eats on time. In short, she is treated like any other person in the family.

That, however, doesn’t seem to stop her from lying with a straight face and cheating with her work. It gets to me that someone whom you treat so well could lie to you without remorse.

And now I am told girls from her community are just like that. We are sending her off this November way before her contract ends. I just can’t take it anymore.

I have started doing some of the house chores myself as it relieves me of the stress of monitoring her or put up her lies.

Melur & Thyme

Had another round of good time with my college girl friends. Though, it was only the four of us this time, it did not stop us from laughing like crazy.

We met at this place called Melur & Thyme in Nu Sentral.

We are now planning a girls only holiday this August. Let’s see how it materialises!


Given the foodie that we are, it was decided that for the next meet up, we will be heading for banana leaf rice.