The Long Weekend

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So, Friday was Labour Day while Sunday was Wesak Day. Since Wesak Day fell on a Sunday, automatically Monday was granted as bank holiday. Thus, resulting in a 4 day long weekend. Here are some highlights of the break.

Day 1

Hubby decided that we should head to Plaza Damas for some window shopping. We did just that. Started reading A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini.

Day 2

Movie time. We watched Utthama Villain, a Kamal Hassan starrer. Managed to do some light shopping as well together with a stark reminder that I should lose some (alot of weight). Ate lunch at Johnny’s Restaurant at about 3.30pm. It was an enjoyable Thai lunch. Changed my wallet. Didn’t know it was in a such a condition till I couldn’t wait to replace it with a new one.

Day 3

Was basically spent at home. Some discussions on wallpapering the main walls of the living room and the master bedroom happened.

Decided to send the boys to my parents’ place as there were a number of things to be done. Like buying replacement  ear studs for the ones I carelessly washed down the washbasin.To check out a new wholesale mall and some stuff the boys wanted, like a very specific Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bag or an alternative hulk school bag, shoes and water bottles with straw. I am glad to say we got everything on the list though it meant we had to do alot of walking.

And of course, someone called me, my love. Hah!

Utthama Villain

I felt it was a good movie about a famous but ageing frontline hero. A hero for the masses, but in actual fact a middle aged family man with a middle aged wife with a wealthy & influential father. Throw in a past but now dead pregnant true love who had left behind a daughter, and a current hot mistress, you have a complex story of all these characters entwined with the protagonist. Did I mention he plans a swan song as he is dying? Needless to say, Kamal Hassan excels effortlessly.

My only grouse is, Kamal fans are overdoing it with their reviews. Like that is a surprise. Bah!


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