Stark Truth

Size Upgrade: I have ‘progressed’ from a size 6 to a size 12. I feel like crying.

The Malaysian Police Force: Thank you PDRM. You are always my hero.

When the past caught up with present: An evil mind is capable of anything. Even murder.

Eyelashes: Two fell into my eye. Someone is thinking of me!

Friendship: Just when I thought of walking a way from a friendship, an incident involving another person made me realise that we would never know what we mean to another person. No matter how off they are compared to the better days.

Honesty: It pays. Especially when you are in a long term, committed relationship.

Love all around 1: When one starts taking the other out. Inspite when the other is very conscious of her appearance.

Love all around 2: When an aunt gives her barely year old Ipad to her nephews just like that and inspite of them having an Ipad of their own to share.

Initiative: Gifts for Mother’s Day. Photos as below.

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