The In Laws

With the ground rules set and reinforced a couple of times, everyone seems to know their place now. There were some minor stuff which didn’t warrant any reaction. As those did not fall under the do or die category, I let it pass.

A second class citizen, that is the status you get as a DIL.

Here are some of the ways of a DIL at home.

Bear in mind that these are not explicitly told, you get the vibes.

  • Not expected to sit with them.
  • Help in the kitchen or do housework while the rest are relaxing. The same is not expected of other adults at home.
  • Keep your wants, needs and opinions to yourself.
  • When visitors come, you are showered with love and affection.
  • Be the wife they have in mind for their son. The kind which compliments their son in every manner.
  • Your parents and family are distant memory. Nothing more.

All these have now changed. With exception to point 4. It is remains. I am not complaining. When I go to their house, I clean up after eating and also do the dishes. That is common courtesy. Other than that, I sit on the couch and watch tv like the rest of the family. Or indulge in small (very small talk) if it warrants or if I am spoken to.

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