Wish me luck

Threading: I get it done only when I have the time. I tried plucking on my own this morning. Seems to work. Hope to be consistent at least till the next trip to the salon.

Shoes: I can have up to four pairs of shoes at any given time. I only alternate with two pairs. I wear them till they lose their shine. To work. I am working on this. No longer wearing thongs for day outs. Only shoes.

Make up: I don’t even way lipstick to work. I was supposed to work on this. And failed. Started wearing lipstick as of today. And I wear make up or at least dab my lips with colour when I go out.

Jeans & T-shirt: Man’s greatest invention. I am trying to wean out of it. Even T-shirts.

Weight: The air I breathe makes me put on weight. I am so disappointed. I have given away a lot of my clothes in the past year. Have bought some ‘aunty’ blouses to hide the bulges. I have a big laundry basket of clothes to be given away.

Silence: I am back to being silent instead of voicing out my displeasure. The silence is making Mr to sit upright and ask me what is bothering me instead. Voicing out was driving him back to his hole.

Hair: The short hair took a dig at my self-confidence. It is a bit better after the trip to the salon yesterday.

From handwriting to junior staff

Handwriting: I am on a mission to improve my handwriting.

Typing: I can type real fast & without looking at the keyboard too.

Movies: I am on a roll.

News:I make it a point to read the news everyday before noon. So far so good. From a newspaper junkie to nothing. Now to something. Most of the news were obtained either on Facebook or Twitter.

Makeup: whenever I leave the house, with exception to work.

Slippers no more. Sandals only.

Junior Staff: They are only too happy to handover their tasks and limit themselves of growth. Say when asked to write ‘apple’, they write it down as ehPaL. Complete no regard for correct spelling or capital letters. As long as it sounds like apple, they congratulate themselves for completing the task of writing it down. It’s even more disappointing though they may be junior staff, they are certainly not young.

When they catch you unguarded

The elder one gave me a shock after looking at the latest Jurassic Park movie poster online. ‘Amma, that is Peter Jason Quill, Star Lord’. This after seeing Chris Pratt’s picture on the poster.


He asked his grandma a pertinent question. ‘Grandma, you marry ready, ah?’ ‘You got no baby girls, ah? Meaning to say, could she ‘give’ him baby sisters!

Love is when your child knows one of your favourite songs. It goes on to show that you matter to him as he registers everything that you say. Even the most insignificant ones.

N’s Progress Card Day

Last Saturday was N’s Pre-school open day. Both hubby and I went to see his class teacher. He scored 94 and above for all papers with exception to Tamizh. The class teacher said that he day dreams in class and tends to be slow in copying sentences as he wants to be perfect in his writings. This makes him lose a lot of precious time and he ends up being the last one in class to copy stuff from the white board.

Sometimes, it seems, he also lacks confidence. When the teacher is correcting other students, he erases his own work and starts to redo though his work is right. At times, he even copies the wrong answers of his friends. When left alone, he does all his work well and is deemed to be above average student by his teacher.