Wish me luck

Threading: I get it done only when I have the time. I tried plucking on my own this morning. Seems to work. Hope to be consistent at least till the next trip to the salon.

Shoes: I can have up to four pairs of shoes at any given time. I only alternate with two pairs. I wear them till they lose their shine. To work. I am working on this. No longer wearing thongs for day outs. Only shoes.

Make up: I don’t even way lipstick to work. I was supposed to work on this. And failed. Started wearing lipstick as of today. And I wear make up or at least dab my lips with colour when I go out.

Jeans & T-shirt: Man’s greatest invention. I am trying to wean out of it. Even T-shirts.

Weight: The air I breathe makes me put on weight. I am so disappointed. I have given away a lot of my clothes in the past year. Have bought some ‘aunty’ blouses to hide the bulges. I have a big laundry basket of clothes to be given away.

Silence: I am back to being silent instead of voicing out my displeasure. The silence is making Mr to sit upright and ask me what is bothering me instead. Voicing out was driving him back to his hole.

Hair: The short hair took a dig at my self-confidence. It is a bit better after the trip to the salon yesterday.


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