Fish is no more


Rest in Peace, Fish!

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I did not see Suyambulingam on screen. I saw my father. My dad is not a movie freak like me. He doesn’t talk much like Suyambulingam. Like Suyambulingam, however, he would protect us with his life. Ensures the family is safe and feels secured no matter what the situation is.

Would take on anything for his children. He did. He has. He would continue doing that.

That’s my father.


Why moms are so tired

This is something that I have been telling hubby for the longest time. Whenever we are out as a family, I become the sole parent overseeing two kids below the age of 5. By the time we reach back home, I am dead tired. As in DEAD TIRED.

So much so, I had enough with the idea of going out as a family unless it was an absolute necessity. It has been quite awhile since we went out all the four of us with exception to a short trip to the park here & there. The past experiences were exhausting. Very exhausting to the point where it took away all the fun of going out and spending quality family time. I told hubby many times that he has to help me take care of the kids and that I am not running a one man show. To make a point, I postponed the trip to the zoo and many other mall trips.

The last week saw us going for four family outings. The first one was to brunch with my family for a dual celebration of Father’s day & my dad’s birthday. The boys were at their very best.

Next was a dinner on a week. Again, the boys were at the best and were happily entertaining some of the guests there with songs and all.

That Saturday we had a wedding to attend in the morning and a wedding reception at night. They were simply splendid. Two well behaved brothers much to the awe of everyone , including us parents. Even hubby was pretty hands on and he did not require any nudge from me.

Maybe they are old enough. Or perhaps we are doing a pretty decent job at parenting. Haha. Well that’s what a few of the guests at the week long events told us. Maybe.

All in all, I am just so happy at the turn of events. Perhaps, the much needed break indoors did the magic. I don’t know for sure.

Anyway, all is well and I am looking forward to a trip to the zoo.

Looks like our planned family vacation later this year maybe fun afterall!


N: Amma, when you small time grandma change your diaper ah?

Me: Yes, baby.

N: Now when you big, you wear diaper? Different diaper ah? Why big ladies wear diaper?

Me: Yes, baby. This one is for ladies. When you are a bit bigger, I will tell you more.

N: S chitti also wear diaper ah?

Me: Yes. Sometimes.

N: I don’t see the diaper in the S chitti’s room. Where she keep?

Me: She keeps it in her cupboard, I think. Don’t want to show people lah.

N: Oh.