I regret watching this movie. Gave me headache. Couldn’t wait to go home.



it has been about 4 weeks since I started walking in the park. I started with 3 rounds in the inner ring. About a week later, I progressed to the longer outer ring, 3 rounds as well. As of last week, I am doing 5 rounds, covering about 3.2km. My targets are 3K steps, 30 minutes walk & now 5K steps. I managed to clear 6.5K steps the other day. Stamina has definitely increased. Walking has become an addiction.

I see familiar faces. I am eager to go to the park. My face has visibly gone sharper. Tummy trimmer.

Age Appropriate

Both my sons use the term penis for their privates. They know what a vagina is.

The elder one knows about period and that women of a certain age use sanitary napkins, ie, diapers as he calls them.

He knows it is inappropriate to touch a woman’s breasts, having a sudden fixation on them recently. He begin observing that men are flat chested and women have breasts.

Babies…ah…he knows it takes eggs to make babies.

My elder one is 5 going on 6, while the other is 2 going on 3.

I do not believe in shutting them up when faced with sudden questions which I am not prepared to answer. What I do believe, is to tell them the facts in an age appropriate manner.

Some facts, when it gets a tad too clinical like the hows and whys of the monthly cycle, I promised to explain in more depth when they are slightly bigger.

Which is fair, I think.

Makes me wanting to hug him

  1. Drives me to all of my get-togethers with my girlfriends. Without a word of complain.
  2. Patiently waits for me till the end of my get-together. Once, he waited for me for nearly 3 hours.
  3. Is always ready to attend parties of my friends & family regardless of time & place.
  4. Can’t keep secrets from me. Forget to tell, he may. Tells me everything regardless.
  5. A horrible liar.
  6. Adores both his sons. Could never say no to them.
  7. Keeps quiet when I get unreasonable.

That’s when I pull my hair

  1. Starts the engine but doesn’t switch on the aircon. The boys would be seated in the car while he is locking the gate.
  2. He would head straight to the toilet before finding a seat for us to sit. Many a times I blindly followed him as I assumed he wanted to sit right at the back, only for him to make a sudden turn towards the toilet.
  3. He never takes serviettes for me. Goes to the counter and aptly takes just enough to wipe his hands.
  4. Switches off the aircon while the rest of us are sleeping if he doesn’t plan to doze off again.
  5. Pulls the locked gate & doors with so much force to ensure those are locked properly.

Yesterday’s Conversation

‘Why I am not going to school from Amma’s house?’ ‘Amma is working. So I send you and Thambi to grandma’s house. Grandma then can take care of you & Thambi.’

‘Why you go to work? You can stay at home & take care of me & thambi.’ ‘My appa & amma sent me to college. I studied a lot. So I am working.’

‘Grandma didn’t study ah?’ ‘She studied but not like amma. When you & thambi grow up and have your own children, I will take care of my grandchildren like grandma.’

‘Why you want to take care of my & thambi’s children but don’t want to take care of me & thambi?’ ‘I have to go to work. If I don’t go, I don’t get money. I can’t buy you & thambi toys and all the things that you want.’


‘Don’t worry ok. Amma is here with you every day what. Weekends I am with you and thambi only what. Ok?’ ‘Ok.’