Yesterday’s Conversation

‘Why I am not going to school from Amma’s house?’ ‘Amma is working. So I send you and Thambi to grandma’s house. Grandma then can take care of you & Thambi.’

‘Why you go to work? You can stay at home & take care of me & thambi.’ ‘My appa & amma sent me to college. I studied a lot. So I am working.’

‘Grandma didn’t study ah?’ ‘She studied but not like amma. When you & thambi grow up and have your own children, I will take care of my grandchildren like grandma.’

‘Why you want to take care of my & thambi’s children but don’t want to take care of me & thambi?’ ‘I have to go to work. If I don’t go, I don’t get money. I can’t buy you & thambi toys and all the things that you want.’


‘Don’t worry ok. Amma is here with you every day what. Weekends I am with you and thambi only what. Ok?’ ‘Ok.’


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