War & Peace no more…

In the early days of reading, I was kind of experimenting with different genresĀ of books. Daniel Steel, Jackie Collins and some unknown others, real life incidents were part of the purchases I made.

I came to realize that these were not up to my likings. Now that I am lacking space in the bookshelf, I decided to give these away. All in all, I think about 14 books were given away.

This includes War & Peace by Tolstoy. I cry defeated. šŸ˜¦


Self Audit for a Wife

  • Be nice/nicer to hubby
  • Don’t shout at hubby
  • Don’t show face at hubby
  • Don’t show irritation with hubby
  • Let him have his way too
  • It’s not all about me
  • He has feelings too
  • Stop being a bitch
  • Stop nagging
  • Let him do his stuff
  • Let him do things his own way
  • Compromise
  • This is not a race, it’s a family
  • Talk about issues amicably
  • Let pass of small things
  • Pick your battle
  • He is not a kid. Don’t treat him like one
  • Setting rules for your husband isĀ just soĀ not right.