The Two Year Old

‘Oh my god!’

‘What are we (you) doing, Amma?’

‘I can fight.’ And he starts hitting me when I reprimand him.

‘Yeay, I did it!’

‘What’s happening, Amma?’

‘Don’t disturb.’

And every night, without fail, he goes to his toy room to take a miniature car. He then brings it to the bed and holds on to it till he dozes off.

Except for the occasional chicken or fish, he rarely touches other food for lunch or dinner. The only constant is milk.

Roti canai, sausages, burger, pizza, slices of cheese, pancakes are of no issue.

War & Peace no more…

In the early days of reading, I was kind of experimenting with different genresĀ of books. Daniel Steel, Jackie Collins and some unknown others, real life incidents were part of the purchases I made.

I came to realize that these were not up to my likings. Now that I am lacking space in the bookshelf, I decided to give these away. All in all, I think about 14 books were given away.

This includes War & Peace by Tolstoy. I cry defeated. šŸ˜¦

Self Audit for a Wife

  • Be nice/nicer to hubby
  • Don’t shout at hubby
  • Don’t show face at hubby
  • Don’t show irritation with hubby
  • Let him have his way too
  • It’s not all about me
  • He has feelings too
  • Stop being a bitch
  • Stop nagging
  • Let him do his stuff
  • Let him do things his own way
  • Compromise
  • This is not a race, it’s a family
  • Talk about issues amicably
  • Let pass of small things
  • Pick your battle
  • He is not a kid. Don’t treat him like one
  • Setting rules for your husband isĀ just soĀ not right.