My Darling D

  • ‘Amma, patience…patience…’
  • ‘Oh really?’
  • ‘Are you ok?’
  • ‘Come on guys.’
  • ‘Awesome!’

He loves to hold my hair. At times (often) he gets excited and tends to pull them. When asleep, he gets as close as possible to me even though he could sleep comfortably within his space.

The other day, at a birthday party, he refused to get off the stage after an impromptu dance.

We are in the midst of searching for a kindy for my little baby.


Some on books & maid


It took me the longest time to read Devdutt’s Pattanaik’s Sita. Not because I didn’t enjoy it as I sure did. It was a poignant tale immersed with much added information and versions of the tale, from different regions, persons, era even. I would recommend this.

After Sita, I read the Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. What a take! My adoration for Karna went many notches up again. Yup, and I just snubbed the protagonist. It is not intentional. It’s just that, I like Karna that much. It was kind of nice reading the tale from Draupadi’s angle, given more prominence to herself. The ‘air/arrogance’ of Draupadi was not compromised and gave many shades for the person she turned out to be.

I think I will restart my research on Mahabharata again.


She is adding on to my misery by the day. We have finally decided to send her off this November. One’s patience is limited.

And then some…


  • No more uses baby talk.
  • Asks questions which makes me stop and think. A good example is, ‘Why is the fish in the water? Why cut fish’s head? Why eat the fish?’ The questions come in that sequence. Another one would be, ‘What the hunterman kill the lion? Why the lion die? Why the hunterman take the lion’s skin?’
  • Says, ‘I can fight.’ before starting to hit his grandma, tata and father.
  • Has started to ‘ask’ for ice-creams, Kinderjoy chocolate eggs and could say, ‘What bought for you (me)?


  • Wants to celebrate his birthday with his classmates in Kindy this year too.
  • Has significantly put on weight. The face and bum are fleshy.
  • Has temper and shows it to me well. The next moment, he wants to take care of me when I am old.
  • Asked how babies are made. Told him that all girls have small eggs in them. Once they marry, the egg becomes a baby.
  • He is curious about many things. Makes effort to ask and know about matters which are beyond my comprehension at times. I am welcoming it as I am happy that my child knows that he could always ask just about anything to his mother.
  • The other day, he wanted to know more about sensory organs.
  • He is keen to try ‘exotic’ animal meat. Next in list is frog meat.