Coming to an end

  • She is unable to wake up on time to complete her chores.
  • Even sweeping the floor seems to be an arduous task for her. What more dusting.
  • Washing dishes is a good 15 to 20 minutes chore.
  • If I don’t ask her to put the clothes into the washing machine and subsequently dry those, she won’t do it.
  • Likewise ironing clothes, washing the porch.
  • She no longer helps me in the kitchen to clean the chicken or vegetables. I have to ask her to prepare those. Princess does it after many reminders.
  • I have to repeat myself many times over.
  • She is rude to hubby when I am not around.
  • Tells him off stuff like, ‘if you keep on calling me, how can I complete my task and what time would I be going to bed’.
  • Mumbles her annoyance.
  • Snatches things off the table and storms off to the kitchen when she is reminded of her pending chores.
  • Wets the bathroom and claims to have washed it.
  • Ever forgetful nowadays…to the point she forgets to bathe.
  • Prefers to sit and watch TV.
  • Loves to eavesdrop and butt in to know more.
  • Passes inappropriate comments like how good my husband looks wearing that T-shirt.
  • Uses the children’s name to get away with things.
  • Ignores the children as she is busy with TV. I am lucky the children are not left alone with her.
  • Tells the children there are no more biscuits or any other eatables so that she doesn’t have move from her strategic spot.
  • I have to spot check her work. Imagine this, not only I have to remind her the very work she should be doing on her own, I have to do it at least twice more, before she actually starts doing it. If she does it, I have to check if she has done it properly and completely. If she claims to have done it, I still have to check if she has actually done it. Too many of ‘Yes. I have done it’ but in reality, done nothing has made me privy to this.

Finally the deed has been done. I cancelled her permit and booked her flight. She would be gone in less then 10 days.

I have vowed not take another maid. I have had enough.



Impromptu Gathering

It is always a delight to spend time with one’s own family.
The sons-in-law were both at home.
Endless food, endless banter, endless gossips equals to never ending fun.
Children’s laughter and antics were in abundance.
3 generations together in happiness.

What more could one wish for?!

Naanum Rowdy Than & Thoongavanam

Naanum Rowdy Than
An entertainer with some nice comedy. Vijay Sethupathy, as expected is a delight to watch. Nayantara with her girl next door-like demure is pleasant to the eyes.


Named after the nightclub (Insomnia) where most of the movie takes place. This is a all that you can eat Kamal Hassan buffet. Witty dialogues. Almost perfect screenplay. Zero songs if you exclude the club music. No duet. No flashback. Unnecessary kissing scene, yes.

All in all, it is not your run off the mill movie.


And it’s Deepavali

First of all, here’s to wish all Hindus a very Happy Deepavali.

  • I have undertaken a major project which is eight months long. This is in addition to my present role. Needless to say, I am thinly stretched. Thus, my long absense.
  • I baked three cookies back to back last Saturday together with a sweet. Chocolate chip, coconut & custard cookies were a hit. The recipes would be kept for next year definitely.
  • Made idly for breakfast. It didn’t ferment due to the cold weather. It ended up hard after steaming.
  • That said, the holidays has been great.