A Review of the Year

What can I say about 2015? Definitely, it’s a calm year. No major surprises anywhere.

  • The year which saw me upgrading my car to a SUV
  • I sent back my maid after two years of unpleasantness
  • Watched the most number of movies in the cinema. Husband was game to it as well.
  • Read with no qualms
  • Realized how hectic was life, juggling house and work with no complaints whatsoever
  • Convinced hubby to change his car as well.
  • How much the boys have grown and yet are small little fellows
  • I had the most number of meet up with girlfriends this year.
  • Zero overseas travel (business & vacation alike)
  • Took a local vacation to Penang in the beginning of this year.
  • Barely took the boys out to the mall. Maybe only once this year. Most time were spent at home.
  • Went jogging till the haze came back with a vengeance this year.
  • Rajini’s visit to Malaysia.
  • Baked 3 kinds of cookies for Deepavali.
  • The was uncertainty at work. A few people got laid off.
  • Juggling many projects in addition to my daily work
  • Two friendships were rekindled.




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