Daily Routine

5 am Wake Up
Wash all three water bottles for home consumption. Boil water to fill up the jugs and water flask. Prepare breakfast for the boys. Place the breakfast & water bottles in the bag. Tidy up the kitchen. Bring down the diaper and change of clothes for noon usage for the boys. Dry clothes (not a daily chore).

6.15 am Wake up N & get him ready
6.35 am Get D ready
6.50 am Send off N and prepare milk for D
7.00 am I get ready and tidy the room.
7.20 am D & I leave home

6.00 pm
I bathe and head off to the kitchen. Cook or heat up food. Tidy the kitchen.

8.00 pm
After dinner, sweep the house and wipe the living room tables. Mop the living room and kitchen floors. Wash bathrooms (not a daily chore). Boil water to fill up the jugs. Check boys’ bags. Ready N’s homework for tomorrow. Fold clothes (not a daily chore).

9.30 pm Snooze time for the boys