I was tired and exhausted of juggling the house, work and the children AND his parents’ persistent complains about the boys.

Every freakin’ day, just as I step into the house, both in laws would start complaining. Such negativity takes a toll on one’s mental state, you know.

Add mental exhaustion due to work and cleaning up the house every freakin day. Throw in PMS, and voila you have a perfect recipe for disaster.

Hubby’s lack of empathy didn’t help either. I did the next best thing that I could do without physically hurting anyone. I broke my favorite plate. That’s another issue.

I went on a strike, I didn’t touch the broom, the mop, even the wash cloth. I did ABSOLUTELY nothing. No clothes were put for wash, no ironing, no making of the beds,  no cooking, no nothing. The house was in a mess. I got immune to the mess so much so it didn’t bother the OCD me.

Come day three, the husband came to his senses and called the weekend maid (whom we normally call once a month nowadays) to clean the house. I hope now he is fully aware what it takes to run a house and family.

I am expecting him not to accuse that I am always on the phone. I don’t know how but he only seems to see me when I am using my phone. And he can’t seem to see me doing household work.

Urghh! That is so annoying.





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