February oh February!

Or is it the reflection of the whole freakin year! Talking about the year, it feels like an extension of the past one. It has yet to give out the vibe of a new year. Till now. And we have completed the whole month of January going on February. And yet…

I am tired. Mentally tired. The freakin project that I am managing now has additional issues to be resolved. I have people poking their noses into matters that doesn’t concern them. I have a time plan to follow. And I am nowhere near the mid point due to the additional tasks to do.

At home, I don’t get me time. It has been months since I read a book. I started on Gandhi’s bio and it’s 1/3 read. I want to read but I get distracted by my phone. I just want to curl up and watch a movie or something without getting worried about an unmopped floor. Once I have done my weekly cleaning, I am at peace. Cleaning is therapeutic.

Children walking/running about when I am cleaning is not so therapeutic. That’s when I get annoyed with hubby who is then oblivious to the running/fighting children. He would be fiddling his phone. Which is ok for him to so do. Which is not ok when it comes to me.

And that’s how we come close to killing each other with words. *angry*

Oh ya, I am organizing my very own blogathon for myself, if you hadn’t notice! *wink*



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