Zero reading!

I have yet to read any books! ūüė¶


1st term school break

The week long 1st term school break is here. The boys have been sent to my parents’ place. They will be there till Friday.

The weekend has been jam packed. Throw in a hospital visit for both me and hubby, it was just great. Actually, it was not that bad, just painful!

I was suffering from a swollen wrist and pain due to the treatment by the orthopedic. The jab should give relief from the sharp jolt on my right wrist which I have been suffering since December 2015.

The treatment caused me so much of pain where the swelling and pain was up to my elbow. I couldn’t use my right hand for anything. Luckily, the pain and swelling subsided by 80%. I was only on painkillers as I am allergic¬†to all other meds for this condition.

For nearly three week, I barely cooked at home as surprisingly MIL completely took over the kitchen. There was food on the table almost every evening. Not to mention I was away for 10 days.

We did major grocery shopping on Sunday to fill up the stock. I realise the cost of grocery went up by 10% to 15% easily. Cleaned up some fresh food in preparation.

After this break, the in laws will no longer come in the mornings to our place. Both the boys will head to their place after school. Hubby will fetch them in the evening after work.

It almost will be a win-win situation as the in laws will be in their own comfort zone and would eliminate the travelling to my place.

I will devise a scedule of sorts for the boys to keep themselves occupied after school. It will help the in laws tremendously in managing them both.

I should start reading too, pronto.



And so I will be redeeming my house soon…

Long story short, right after the first term school break, both the boys will be sent to my in laws place after school. Currently, the in laws come in the morning and stay put till evening. They leave once I am back from work.

Both boys leave for school in the morning. The earliest to come home is D, at 12.30pm. N on the hand, reaches home at 1.30pm the latest. Basically, the in laws need spend only half a day till I come back from work.

Let’s just say everything is not rosy as it seems. The house looks like a warzone every single night¬†I come back home. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s the sticky floor. And I am moderately OCD.

Regardless of the time I reach home, I clean the kitchen, tidy the house, sweep the floor and mop the living room & kitchen floor. Every night. Since last December. I reach home late, even at 9.30pm sometimes, ever since I came back from my 10 days long business trip. I have not cooked a single day since then. Work has been crazy.

My MIL can be untidy in the kitchen while she is cooking.. That said, she keeps her house well. Since this is my house…oh well, let’s not get into that.

So anyways, since they are technically free from the boys till half day, we felt it is only fair for them to rest and do whatever they want in the comfort of their own home.

Not before the husband audits the house, that is.

The arrangement is almost similar to what we had before except that the boys will head to school from our home now that both has¬†started schooling. The respective transporters to send them¬†to in laws place as opposed to our home. Hubby will pick them up after work from his parents’ place.

I will head home after work. Will either cook or buy dinner and be ready to welcome them back home daily just like before. At least, the time I spend on cleaning the house everyday can be used to spend with my children.


So, I am 37 years old. I don’t feel like I am 37.
Oh well, happy birthday to me anyway!

Hope this year gets better with happiness and contentment.

And with less expectations.