I scratched my car on the left side as I was coming out of the parking lot. Boohoohoo

It set me back by RM500!!
A loud bang followed by scratches!!

I got the car back from the workshop last evening.

Some highlights

So, N has started primary one and D started nursery.

Likes mandarin. And loves singing mandarin songs. Says the words like a native Chinese.
Seems to color within the lines. A good improvement is noted. 😛
Writes the letters effortlessly. Was quite amazed to see him write A to D on his own.
The other day, he spelled out ‘baca’ on his own.
Knows one color from the other.
OCD like his mother.
Takes instructions and likes to help around.
Very curious about things.
Has good imagination.

Finds it difficult to wake up in the morning for school. Weekends and days off he seems to wake up early and with ease.
Got him a Sony MP3 player as he wanted a Walkman. This was after watching Guardians of the Galaxy. He has been using the hand phones to listen to songs ala Walkman.
Is picking up Tamizh but is quite a struggle. I am coaching him at home.