So many things to share

alas…anyways here you go…

  • I coloured my hair. It’s somewhat copper/red/blond just so you know.
  • Back to my short hair days ala Mariska Hargitay. The colour is somewhat like that. Only darker…and more red.
  • Work wise…I am bored to death. No excitement. Just routine mundane stuff. I have been asked to support another department for a couple of months. The additional work should keep me on my toes.
  • Structural changes to the organization is expected. This doesn’t come as a surprise as a lot has been communicated in the last couple of months and frequent updates are given to keep everyone abreast on what’s happening and what will happening.
  • The what will happen part could be handled better, it’s just that the information is so ambiguous.
  • Capture

Dealing with envy

I was promoted at the expense of a senior staff. She spread a lot of lies and half baked stories on how I presumedly double crossed her. Till today, she is a struggling executive. She was asked never to step foot again at a unit after the scandalous outcome of her work. It has never occurred to her that she missed the golden opportunity because of her own doing. I was at the mercy of one of her friends who didn’t look at my work or ethics. Her behaviour towards me was solely based on the senior staff’s ‘story’ about me. Needless to say, it was one of my worst work experience. The same person now acknowledges my work by offering me join her team.

Then there were another two who passed remarks that the role was merely named managerial as it involves meeting customers. Bear in mind that one of them was my fellow same grade workmate but in another department. One had been demoted since and was caught saying that without the strong presence of my team, it’s difficult to manage the business. The other, is silently acknowledging my then department’s role.

The last one, well…well…well…had a good time telling all & sundry that my department was weak. Fast forward now, even after the closure, my team is the much sought after one. She was asked to take up VSS and is no longer with the organisation as she was deemed to be incompetent for the new challenges in progress for the organisation.

And these were the not so good work experiences that I went through.