12 hours on average

It was madness all over the last couple of months. I was given a region level project where I had 3 sub managers under me. This, in parallel to my day to day role. I was clocking in on average 12 hours a day. Sometimes more. Leaving the office between 8.30pm to 9pm was the norm. I was even working from home and even during weekends.

The key stakeholders all had their own agendas. The project time line was incredibly a short. Where a similar sub projects were standalone and were given 3 months each. Here, I had 4 projects, all running in parallel and was given a timeline of 2 months.

The sub project teams were about to be mobilized to each countries when an announcement from the region put a stop to the project.

With that, I got my life back with a mentally and physically self and body.

I am gradually picking up pace but not as fast as I expected. One slow step at a time. From absolute zero cooking, I have progressed to somewhat cooking.

The weekends are such a pain in the ass as it consists of laundry and ironing. I hate ironing. Period.

While I am generally all calm and serene at work, I became the worst of the wicked ratchasi back at home then I normally am. The husband was bearing the most of my bad moods and the lil ones equally had their share from time to time.

The early period didn’t quite help the situation at home.

Things are getting better…albeit slowly.


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