I did not realize the amount of time Facebook was occupying my days. Mind you, I do not share much of my personal stuff (at least nowadays compared to before).  I mostly share women  or life centric articles if there were any or manage the family group and share the occasional hellos with friends.

What I do always, is scroll. I am the habitual ‘scroller’. The one who aimlessly scrolls and stalks people. The ‘for a while’ Facebook checking could last for an hour & a half.  And I also shoo away my kids when they dare interrupt me during such ‘for a while’ sessions. I was sleeping late, just because I wanted to check Facebook, yup, ‘for a while’ before I hit the sack. I am one helluva stalker, by the way.

Come this year, 2018, I decided to limit my Facebook time to once week. Which of course, as expected was a major failure.  Then out of the blue, sometime last weekend, I told myself I was going to log out from my Facebook account. With that, I am off Facebook since this Monday. I reached out to my phone and clicked on the app 8 times in a span of 6 hours on the first day.

It may be only day 3 today, but you know what, I am beginning to feel the differences already.


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