A man called Ove


A book which makes me sad…a book which makes me cry…I do not want it to end…I want to reach out to Ove…and I want to speak with Sonja…Can I meet Ove at least?

Damn! I hate this feeling!


Appraisal for Amma

Pre Assessment Outcome: Did not achieve target

Well, it’s a week long school break. The boys are with my parents.

I slept well. Got up refreshed. Not tired. Had a full 8 hours sleep. No additional house work or getting them ready for school in the morning. No rushing back in the evening to cook. I catered food and we ate out. We went for long drives. We went for massage. We had for desserts late at night. I even slept after midnight, the latest around 1am.

All fine, you may say. But there is this void. This HUGE void. I miss my babies. I want my tiredness back, just to have to little munchkins snuggle next to me.  I don’t care if the lil one pees on the bed every single night. It’s ok, I will wake up and change him into clean pyjamas and tuck him back to sleep. It is ok for the elder one to annoy his lil brother while I yell like a maniac from the kitchen asking him to stop bothering his brother.

And then, the guilt crept in. I shouldn’t shout at them. I shouldn’t cane them. I am mean. Wicked. I am not spending enough time with them. I am not cooking healthy nutritious food for them. I am not taking them to the park often. I lock myself in the bedroom…with my books. Maybe I should leave work early. Maybe this…maybe that…*sigh*

The list was endless.

Then I realized that I am going through the same phase like all the other moms. Just like in all those articles.

If I go on like this, I will drive myself mad. I am a working mom. And I have my limitations. The limitations could be stemming from me as a person or from external sources.

I could try to make my limitations bearable, where I could. I can only do so much. I am not going to beat myself to death for that.

The end.








I need to loosen up

Seriously. Everything at home seems to annoy me when I am unable to get it perfect or complete it within the mental timetable I have set for myself. I am tiring myself out thinking about cooking, cleaning, laundry, ironing, grocery shopping etc.

And I get irritated when my kids bother me when I am in the midst of doing the chores. I can’t let myself drop what I am doing without feeling irritated.

Everything has a solution. So does this.

I need to do something about this.


I am off Facebook


I removed all friends. I have zero friends and family on my Facebook account now. I have not deactivated the account as I am still part of some groups. Includes a couple of family groups, colleagues group and a couple of groups which I shop in.

Another resolution upped and done!

Special thanks to minimalism. If not for that, I would not have realized the amount of time I was spending online. I even managed to finish reading a book which was lying next to my bedside table for months, if not a year! Achieved that by only checking my FB when there were notifications or the once/twice a week access I allowed myself.

And I have free time!

So double yeay for me.

I am in such a bad mood!

Not at work but at home. No surprises there. I am zen at work or even at social places. This has been going on since Sunday. Today is the third day. I hate it when people disrupt my schedule (read: husband) And I hate it when people try to schedule my timing for me (read: in laws). And I hate it when I am pressured to do stuff which could be done later. No I am not lazing. Just that, the matter is not urgent to warrant immediate action. Important yes, but not urgent (read: husband)

Ok, so now I know why I am annoyed. Thanks blog. It feels good to vent.