As expected, Anushka rocked it and the screenplay was simply excellent.



Thana Serntha Kootam


This was an unexpected watch. We initially wanted to watch Sketch, the Vikram starrer. It turned out to be a pleasant and good family entertainer. The heroine, though, was more of a dummy piece.


The BFG & Moana

Being a Roald Dahl fan, how can I not take my children to watch The Big Friendly Giant. As much as we enjoyed it, I can’t say the same about those sitting right in front of us.

D was in his best ‘why why why’ mode. To add on, he could not sit still after a certain time as he wasn’t that interested with giants and couldn’t understand the concept of the girl wanting to be friends with a giant.

To be fair with other patrons, D is on a cooling off period. Hehehe