I am in such a bad mood!

Not at work but at home. No surprises there. I am zen at work or even at social places. This has been going on since Sunday. Today is the third day. I hate it when people disrupt my schedule (read: husband) And I hate it when people try to schedule my timing for me (read: in laws). And I hate it when I am pressured to do stuff which could be done later. No I am not lazing. Just that, the matter is not urgent to warrant immediate action. Important yes, but not urgent (read: husband)

Ok, so now I know why I am annoyed. Thanks blog. It feels good to vent.



Thaipusam 2018

What an adventure it was!

Out of the norm, hubby and I thought of taking the train(s) to the Batu Caves. This as opposed to driving to Selayang. We heard a lot of good comments from sister about the train services and we decided, why not.

So off we parked our car at the nearest LRT station and took the train up to KL Sentral. It was about a 45 minutes ride. Had the yummiest chapatti at one of the authentic Punjabi restaurants in Brickfields before continuing our ride in the next train, the KTM Komuter.

This ride took another 40 minutes or so before we reached our destination-Batu Caves. Now, the Batu Caves Murugan temple is biggest and largest temple in Malaysia. At least a million devotees are expected here every year for Thaipusam. Imagine the crowd.

We did the customary activities. Prayed at the Vinayagar temple, paid respect to the large Murugan statue, donated blood, walked around and bought some Indian sweets We also had an accidental discovery of the chariot Murugan & Vinayagar idols. So much for frequenting Batu Caves during Thaipusam for all these years.  Prayed again to the idols before leaving Batu Caves.

By then, a heavy down pour was expected as the weather became gloomy after being scorching hot just moments earlier. Drops of water, could be felt and we headed to the train station before we get caught in a heavy downpour.

The train that we took was already packed like sardines. This was given and off we went in trying to get whatever small space we get. About 15-20 into our ride, the train came to a stop at Sentul station. We were about 6 stations away to KL Sentral. Upon checking with one of the Police Officers, we were told the service for the train is up to the Sentul Station only as part of crowd management. Either we  could get to a platform on the other side or opt to take a transit bus to get to KL Sentral.

We walked to the other side of the station to get to the correct platform only to see the train packed to the brim. What choice do we have but to walk up again, exit the station and head towards the bus stop to ride on the transit bus. The transit bus was full but not packed. We could still stand comfortably.

About 15-20 minutes later, the bus stopped moving. We waited for a good 10 minutes or so without moving. The trailer and two other buses in front of us, did not budge as well though the cars on the next lane were moving swiftly. What do you know! Due to the thunderstorm, a big tree fell on the road, with part of its trunk hanging precariously overhead.

There comes this bus driver from the bus in front of us. Asks us to walk with him few metres down the road as the train company had arranged for buses from other routes to fetch the stranded passengers to KL Sentral. In the rain, we walked by the side of the highway to wait for the bus. Did I mention, we walked under the fallen tree?

Within a short time, the bus arrived and happily and almost wet us boarded the bus to KL Sentral. Though we had to stand for a good 15 minutes (I think), the ride was enjoyable.

Finally, we reached KL Sentral, famished. Spending almost 2 hours on the rail/road including the waiting time in between. This is not the end. We still have the last two legs to cover. One is from KL Sentral to the the LRT station closest to home followed by the return journey from the LRT station.

Another 45 minutes in train followed by dinner, we finally reached home at 7.30pm.



I first started learning bharathanatyam when I was about 11 years old. Four years later, at fifteen, I completed salangai pooja, the inaugural dance performance on stage. Before I knew it, 2 years passed by and I was 17. It was the year of a major examination, SPM. Two months before the exam, I stopped going to dance class to concentrate more on the exam preparations.

That was the last I ever learnt dance. Or so I thought. College happened. Degree happened. Work happened. Career happened. Love happened. Marriage happened. Babies happened. My grandma’s death happened.

The reason I mention my grandma’s death is because it served as a catalyst of sorts. What is life if you do not live it the way you wanted.

I realized I was 38 and have always wanted to start back dance from where I left off. I started looking for a dance school. The first one did not match my work schedule as I was working from home following the European timing. The second one, well, that was almost match made in heaven.

I connected through FB and I was asked to come for a trial class on July 2017. Off on a Saturday, I went for a trial and was asked to join immediately. Not only I started learning my dance, I in fact even performed in December for the school’s annual day within 6 months of joining the dance school. All this after a gap of 21 years.

Talk about achievement!



I have phobia of birds. The smaller or more colorful they are or their feathers are more prominent, the more I fear them.  I start palpitating. I am unable to talk or move. I freeze just like that. In short, they give me the creeps.

And my eldest son said to me that I have a bird-like face. So did my sister. *sigh*


Never say never

So, I was talking to my colleagues on how it is almost impossible for me to work from home. That I needed a proper office set up to work productively and for the work mood to set in.

And then, my boss puts a bomb on my head that he needs me to support the EMEA team by supporting the Middle East region. Which means my work time would follow the EMEA team working hours. Which means I would be working remotely from home.

The temporary 3 months lasted for 9 long months.

Yeah, laugh at me. Thanks, Murphy and you too Karma.

Though I was grumbling very often and was least happy, it actually did some good to me. I had lots of time to reflect on me and my life.

After the morning rush, I was actually all alone at home. At one point, I was even jogging at  a park near my house. Where I lost my car keys after it fell off my back pocket. And for a cute guy to hand it over to me. Maybe, I should write a post on that later.

Left to my own device to do my thing before it was time to log in to work, I used this time to get groceries or buy lunch for me. Even prep for dinner which I cooked like a headless chicken during my break time. The TV was usually on while I work except when there are conference calls.

The drawback was, I was a full time house and a working mother simultaneously. There was no segregation of time between these two roles. It took me awhile to eventually find my footing. And I hated to be working and not spending idle time with my family when they were back from school or work. That sucked big time for me.

It also meant my evenings are occupied with work. I just can’t make any major plans like going for a leisurely dinners or even to the movies on a Friday night.

That part of life sucked really.



Below shoulder length hair

After years of having really short & coloured hair, I have taken a 180 degrees turn and grew my hair for the whole of last year. It is now way below my shoulders and is pitch black.

I did have the itchy fingers syndrome where the urge to cut my hair real short sometime just after the new year.

However the compliments and requests to keep it long made me change my mind.

Who could say no to compliments? 😉


From no resolutions to a long list of resolutions

For the longest time, I did not have any resolutions for the new year.

I had a lot of time for self reflection last year as I was working from home. The plus point of working from home is that you are physically away from the dramas and unnecessary office politics. This gyan of course comes as an after thought. The daily travels and the time spent on secondary activities needed to be done before actually heading to work in fact takes much time collectively.

As I no longer need to spend the n amount of time in the mornings, I pretty much had loads of time in my hand. And in the beginning, I was lost. I didn’t know how to occupy the leftover time after completing the household chores. Also a tad lazy.  The TV & my hand phone were my companions.

I started making mental notes. To improve my well being. Change the negatives in me to positives. To make the already perfect me super duper perfect. And the list started growing. Longer and longer. And there came the slap on my face. A wake up call.

I could have done all these things and yet I did not. Why? Short of kicking myself, I started applying the notes to my daily live. I was determined to make these into habits.

And habits these became.

Come the new year, my schedule changed back to normal working hours and I will be heading to the office instead of working from home. This meant the earlier cultivated habits needs to be undone.

So afresh I started.

That’s how I know have a long list of ‘resolutions’ for myself this year.