So, the PS4 was ordered on Monday, delivered on Friday, unboxed and fixed on Saturday and on full use on Sunday.

The son, N, has been consistently receiving good marks with vast improvement from one semester to the other. Came year two final semester and he was the top 5 in his class with almost straight As except for Math. He got a B+ by missing a point for A.

The father promised him either Nintendo or PS4 if he gets straight As. Seeing that he almost made it, the father relented and agreed to get him any one of the game console as he wished. As much as I did not agree, the father managed to convince me saying N deserved it for the effort he put in to get the As. Which I agree.

The boy did put it so much of effort which I am not capable of pulling off as an eight year old or as a thirty eight year old.

So with that, we got him a PS4 last week, albeit, delayed by 5 weeks. The delay deserves another post of its own, by the way.




The wonderful MIL…not

My husband turned 40 just a week before his grandma passed on. I had a surprise birthday party planned for him. Due to the unexpected passing of his grandma, I thought why not have the surprise element in another event which is slated for the coming month. Especially when the invitees are pretty much the same group of people.

The event was my SIL’s wedding reception among close relatives and friends. I whatsapped my SIL and shared with her my thoughts. She was cool with the idea and told me to proceed. Just to double confirm, I told her she is under no obligation to agree and that we could always have another celebration. She dismissed me and asked me to proceed.

I went about looking for a baker and got into ordering the cake. The D-day came. Giving some lame excuses and ensuring my husband doesn’t find out about the cake and the celebration in tow, off I went to collect the cake and to pass it to my in laws as the reception/cake cutting was to be held there.

I passed the cake to my MIL and told her that this is my husband’s cake. And do not disclose to him as we are having a surprise cake cutting later during the reception. I left their house feeling proud that I managed to pull it off and it is going to be such a huge surprise for my husband as he would not have seen it coming.

Within 10 minutes of reaching my house, my MIL calls me. Apparently, this reception is about my SIL and it would not be nice to cut a birthday cake. Furthermore, it is a small cake and would not be enough for everyone.

A 3 kg will not be enough. And everyone needs to have a slice of it, apparently. I told her that this was discussed much earlier with her daughter and I proceeded with this whole plan only after her consent.

In less than 5 minutes, my SIL sends me a whatsapp, almost parroting the mother and says we could cut the cake towards the end with only close family members.

Me being me, said no thanks to the ‘offer’.

We had a mini celebration at home with just the four us the next day.

All ended well. Not a piece of the 3 kg cake was sent to my MIL.



My Grandma’s Death

So my grandma died. It was unexpected. We were estranged.

A miniscule issue was blown out of proportion.

The MIL-DIL duo who were like mother & daughter were not in talking terms. The rest of the family (dad’s siblings) instead of helping the grand old lady let go of the seeming ‘disobedience’ (yes, you read that correctly) of the DIL of 32 years, started pouring more fuel to the already angry and ego bruised grandma of mine. My dad did not react the way my grandma wanted him too. He (a 59 year old) told his mom not to exaggerate. An ungrateful son who blindly supports his wife. My grandma was a like a loose cannon.

Hurting words were thrown and curses were freely hurled at my family. We were asked to leave the family house. We were the outcasts now. The house we called our own for 30 odd years. The one we lived as a family with our grandparents. The one my parents took care off. The one where the whole family gathers for New Year, Deepavali, birthdays and the likes.

My dad was soon to retire in  a couple of months. My wedding was just around the corner. After dad’s retirement and my wedding, it was just in time that the renovation of my father’s investment property completed. My family moved.

Another sibling of my dad, gladly moved in to our house the family home. To be with my grandma. Within a few months, my grandma, under the pretext of visiting her youngest daughter, started staying for months altogether over there. She barely came back to the family home, unless it was absolutely necessary.

Meanwhile, Facebook was ripe with pictures and posts showing Mother’s day celebration pictures with my grandma and other siblings of my dad. Glowing tributes and the love they had for my grandma was explicitly mentioned. Relatives of us were tagged so that the message would come to us. By now, my mom & dad were the ungrateful children of the family and deserved no kind and love from the rest of the family. We were no longer part of the family.

A lot of other things transpired between the siblings. Making the already widened gap even bigger.  By now, my dad didn’t want to have anything to do with them either. Slowly but surely, my grandma was loosing money. She was ‘giving’ money to her children ‘in need’. Then, her house was put on sale. Again, to help her ‘needy’ children. These needy children in their fifties who are professionals/businessmen with grown up children of their own.

10 years happened by then. It was now March 2017. Dad received a call saying grandma was serious. She cried seeing my dad & mom. Her eyes are speaking with them. So much of love. So much of regret. Two days later she passed on.




Dealing with envy

I was promoted at the expense of a senior staff. She spread a lot of lies and half baked stories on how I presumedly double crossed her. Till today, she is a struggling executive. She was asked never to step foot again at a unit after the scandalous outcome of her work. It has never occurred to her that she missed the golden opportunity because of her own doing. I was at the mercy of one of her friends who didn’t look at my work or ethics. Her behaviour towards me was solely based on the senior staff’s ‘story’ about me. Needless to say, it was one of my worst work experience. The same person now acknowledges my work by offering me join her team.

Then there were another two who passed remarks that the role was merely named managerial as it involves meeting customers. Bear in mind that one of them was my fellow same grade workmate but in another department. One had been demoted since and was caught saying that without the strong presence of my team, it’s difficult to manage the business. The other, is silently acknowledging my then department’s role.

The last one, well…well…well…had a good time telling all & sundry that my department was weak. Fast forward now, even after the closure, my team is the much sought after one. She was asked to take up VSS and is no longer with the organisation as she was deemed to be incompetent for the new challenges in progress for the organisation.

And these were the not so good work experiences that I went through.

1st term school break

The week long 1st term school break is here. The boys have been sent to my parents’ place. They will be there till Friday.

The weekend has been jam packed. Throw in a hospital visit for both me and hubby, it was just great. Actually, it was not that bad, just painful!

I was suffering from a swollen wrist and pain due to the treatment by the orthopedic. The jab should give relief from the sharp jolt on my right wrist which I have been suffering since December 2015.

The treatment caused me so much of pain where the swelling and pain was up to my elbow. I couldn’t use my right hand for anything. Luckily, the pain and swelling subsided by 80%. I was only on painkillers as I am allergic to all other meds for this condition.

For nearly three week, I barely cooked at home as surprisingly MIL completely took over the kitchen. There was food on the table almost every evening. Not to mention I was away for 10 days.

We did major grocery shopping on Sunday to fill up the stock. I realise the cost of grocery went up by 10% to 15% easily. Cleaned up some fresh food in preparation.

After this break, the in laws will no longer come in the mornings to our place. Both the boys will head to their place after school. Hubby will fetch them in the evening after work.

It almost will be a win-win situation as the in laws will be in their own comfort zone and would eliminate the travelling to my place.

I will devise a scedule of sorts for the boys to keep themselves occupied after school. It will help the in laws tremendously in managing them both.

I should start reading too, pronto.



Wife Pledge

  • Patience…patience…patience…is needed.
  • Only tell once. Don’t repeat. Applicable for everything.
  • When angry, shut up. No need to shout, talk about what happened before or talk about unrelated past issues.
  • If annoyed, just shut up.
  • No matter how tempting it is to yell, just shut up.