The End

Good news after good news!

  • A dear friend shared a wonderful news that they are expecting their second child. The formal announcement will be made sometime next week.
  • The friend who was the cause of much irritation, apologised profusely. To the point of crying. I felt very bad to see her cry like that. Perhaps, I was a tad too sensitive.
  • Today is our sixth wedding anniversary.
  • Finished the last of the Shiva trilogy. Very sad that a great warrior fell. At the same time, I am glad to have read the books.
  • I have changed my blog URL.
  • My book collection list is going through some minor changes.
  • We are officially a family of Rajini fans. The younger one wants to watch Mona Mona from time to time.  He also sings it to get our attention.

Lastly, congrats in completing the blogathon.