Horoscope Alert

Recent trends continue in your favor, especially as popularity is concerned. Look for a chance to renew an old friendship with someone who now admires you. If the tables have turned, you will nonetheless both enjoy the visit.

Just today, an old time friend of mine called to say Mr X needs to talk to me-after five years of absolute no contact.

You’ve got to make sure that you’re still on good terms with coworkers, fellow students and others who make up your day-to-day social group. They can help you far more than you may realize!

Madam seems to be alright today compared to the weeks before.


It’s me

I got it! Am only waiting for the formal announcement to be made soon. Sorry for the delayed info. I got to know about it on the 1st of February.

Time to get books on psychology!!

Horoscope Alert

Some new book or program — or romantic attraction — has totally hooked you and you may find it difficult to think about anything else. It’s a good time for deep absorption, so go ahead and get lost in it.

Freaky! Freaky! Freaky! I completely forgot about updating my newest post AND I get to see THIS in my mail today, just now?

By the way, I am sooooo in love with Howard Roark!!

Just a little confession might come a long way, but tsk, I have never read a romance book, ever.

Well, that said, the best romance are those which are unspoken. I rest my case, I love Howard Roark. (you will not be forgotten, Darcy).

Horoscope Alert

You’re getting help from a mysterious source that might never become clear to you. Don’t worry about it too much — there’s no point. If your benefactor wants to make themselves known to you, it will happen.

I don’t know who the mysterious source is nor the reason I need help.
Watch out for updates, if any of course! 🙂