I dreamt of money

Dream on Money

I dreamt that I am seated facing a pile of money on the floor. And a girl was holding a stack and was talking to someone else in the room.



A Black Baby Snake

entered the house last night.

This is what it signifies, apparently:

Is another sign of good fortune. Whether in your garden, inside the home, or out trekking, if you meet up with a snake, it means something or someone important is coming into your life. Never ever try to harm or kill a snake when confronted with one. The more poisonous the snake, the better is the good fortune. The king cobra is described as a snake of extreme good fortune. Whatever you do, never kill a snake as they are also associated with some spiritual presence. They usually slither away themselves when they sense human presence.

I dreamt of a lion last night

To see a lion in your dream symbolizes great strength, courage, aggression and power. You will overcome some of your emotional difficulties. As king of the jungle, the lion also represents dignity, royalty, leadership, pride and domination. You have much influence over others. You also need to exercise some restraint in your own personal and social life. Alternatively, a lion represents your need for control over others. You have to be in charge.

This is what it means!

Meaning of dreams

From deep sleep to no sleep, now to dreaming in sleep.

In lieu of having some weird dreams in the last couple of months, I have been seeking refuge here. I wouldn’t say it solved the issues that I might have had, however it did shed some light on certain things.

It was quite interesting!