I have embraced minimalism. Without me being aware, I was kind of into this way of life in some aspect (read: tiny) of my own life. I got excited knowing that a lot of the activities that were highlighted actually made sense and resonated to me personally.

I started declutterring with a vengeance.  It felt liberating to remove the unwanted stuff. The ones I thought I needed. The ones I held on to for later use. I started with my office & traditional clothing. For a person who doesn’t own much clothes and doesn’t fancy shopping for clothes, I gave away 5 L sized bags of clothing. And I have more to give away.

Gradually, the declutterring moved on to my family’s clothes, accessories, household items like the tiered food steamer, second brand new rice cooker, plates, second blender, gifts, mementos, CDs, toys, shoes, accessories. Trimmed my Facebook friends, deleted files and emails in the laptop, deleted the other blog and merged another two. Memberships were cancelled and unwanted membership cards were removed from my wallet. No more additional umbrella in the car. Books, I tried. So far, I gave away about 6 books only. For a bookworm, that’s a great start.

I started working from the office again. I cleared my desk and locker of many things. This despite having the one of the clearest and cleanest desk and locker in the office much to the envy of my other colleagues.

The best, I guess, is me logging out of Facebook.

I feel I have more time in my hands, lesser things to worry about. Lesser burden. Lesser things in my hand and mind to worry about. And definitely more physical space around me.


The Weekly Savings

I came accross this article where it said it was easy to save upto RM1326 per annum just by putting aside a weekly sum corresponding every week of the year. RM1 for week, RM2 for week 2 and so on till week 51.

What is there to lose? I am giving it a try just for the fun of it. Afterall, I will be RM1326 richer this December 2015. 😛

A College Reunion, Brand Consciousness, Book & In Laws

A College Reunion

6 mid 30 year olds become the same old same old final year students last Saturday. The closeness and teasings started almost immediately. Some talk about the lecturers, the lectures, how we were back then, the food, the class bunking…ahhhh Wonderful!

We did not realise the time passing at all. That much fun it was!!

Brand Consciousness

As part of my frugal living, I have decided to let go of buying branded handbags for office use. A RM300 (or 30%-50% if discounted) bag lasts me about 1-1.5 years. I dump it the booth, remove it when I reach office, take it upstairs, leave it at my locker, remove it when I am leaving office, dump it in the booth and finally take it in with me once I reach home. Either the bag collects dirt or unremoval stain from the booth or it becomes unsightly due to wear & tear. What is the point? With that, I bought a brandless tote at a fraction of the usual cost I pay. Wish me luck.


Gone Girl-Not a fantastic read, but  a good one. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, was a tad more better, I feel. Perhaps, the hype surrounding could have let me down, a tiny bit. I enjoyed reading it and it was suspenseful, nevertheless!

The In-Laws

They came back from their annual vacation. My SIL actually sent me a bottle of perfume and my favaourite packets of crisps. The crisps, touched my heart. This, after a two years hiatus!

Deepavali & Frugal Living

Well for starters, I have bought only Achu murukku. That too for my colleagues mainly and some for home. Will be making nei urundai for the sangiya yennai palagaram or bake a cake.

Normally I would buy quite a lot of cookies, especially the last few years. You see, inspite of the issue I have with my in laws, my MIL would make all these cakes and savouries for my house too. The first year time around, I sent it all back not without a huge fight with hubby.

Second year, hubby was steadfast. And I grudgingly agreed, provided he takes it to his office. I took those to my office too just to finish it up.

Third year, I accepted it graciously with a smile and said thank you. Husband was happy and I was happy. Either it’s the frugal living me or I am mellowing. Anyway, I saved on the money I would spent on palagarams.

Likewise with clothings. I bought only T shirts for the boys. The pants and jeans were gifts. The sangiyam says wearing new clothes on Deepavali day. Not parents bought new clothes.

So there!

Frugal Living

I have been contemplating for a while on living frugally. I have come to realise that a lot of small amounts of money is spent on unnecessary things. These very ‘small amount’ adds up to a sizable value at the end of each month!

For instance, I am known to buy bottled water whenever I go out. Bottled water cost money. Why do I need to buy one when I can carry a bottle from home. See!

Whenever I travel, I eat at the airport. And food there is not cheap. A little bit of homework and I found out that I am a privileged customer who could get into the Premier Lounge! Nice to place to hang out and free food too with excellent service.

I buy books when they are on sale. I am thinking of buying pre-loved books. It is not easy, I tell you. Let’s see if I would eventually get around to do it.

Birthday gifts, I am thinking of cooking or baking them. Even birthday cakes too for in house celebrations!

Had a chat with few colleagues this morning at the pantry. Looks like buying home brand is not a bad idea either. I tried that before. My hands just refused to reach out to home brand items. Have to put in more work to that.If those work just as good, why bother.

Cost of things are spiralling. Price of petrol went up by 20 cents per litre. As a consequent, the prices of other goods are going upwards.

There’s a constant monitoring of electrical and electronic devices and switches at home.

I tend to bring in leftovers as lunch to work at times. Apparently, that’s a money saver too. As I am becoming conscious on my expenses, I realise a sizable amount is indeed saved when I eat in as compared to eating out. And I am not even making any references to fast food. I save about MYR8 per lunch!

Whenever I stock up on a lot of veges, I tend to throw them away as they have either gone bad or withered due to neglect. I will always end up not cooking due to staying back at work. If I am reaching home at 8pm, I would buy out. With much effort, I have suceeded in not throwing anymore fresh goods anymore. No matter how late I am, I cook these.

Coupons is something that has not caught up much here in Malaysia. So that crossess out any savings using coupons.

Unless some purchases are on discounted price, I would consider buying those. Otherwise, I wait.

I am reading up a lot on frugal living to cut all the unworthy excessive spending. Wish me luck there!

On a mission

not throw freshbuys, ever! Whenever I stock up on freshbuys, either I would be too busy to cook that week or the green vegetables would have wilt.

Therefore, with a vengence & also to be prudent with grocery expenses, I am cooking at home no matter how late I reach home, just in time for the boys to have their dinner. As long as the food is homecooked, I am happy. Its simplicity doesn’t bother me or rather no longer frets me.

I do rely on canned sardines and mushrooms. If I cannot even use those, what the heck! If I am going to be that fussy (which I am not, given I have nuggets, ready made burgers, sausages and all in the freezer), then I should start growing the produce myself!