Resolution for 2017

  • Children come first
  • Read more
  • Research about religion and culture more
  • No shouting or yelling
  • Not talking about the past
  • Cook more
  • Reduce wastage
  • Bake more
  • Increase to 30%

1st term school break

The week long 1st term school break is here. The boys have been sent to my parents’ place. They will be there till Friday.

The weekend has been jam packed. Throw in a hospital visit for both me and hubby, it was just great. Actually, it was not that bad, just painful!

I was suffering from a swollen wrist and pain due to the treatment by the orthopedic. The jab should give relief from the sharp jolt on my right wrist which I have been suffering since December 2015.

The treatment caused me so much of pain where the swelling and pain was up to my elbow. I couldn’t use my right hand for anything. Luckily, the pain and swelling subsided by 80%. I was only on painkillers as I am allergic to all other meds for this condition.

For nearly three week, I barely cooked at home as surprisingly MIL completely took over the kitchen. There was food on the table almost every evening. Not to mention I was away for 10 days.

We did major grocery shopping on Sunday to fill up the stock. I realise the cost of grocery went up by 10% to 15% easily. Cleaned up some fresh food in preparation.

After this break, the in laws will no longer come in the mornings to our place. Both the boys will head to their place after school. Hubby will fetch them in the evening after work.

It almost will be a win-win situation as the in laws will be in their own comfort zone and would eliminate the travelling to my place.

I will devise a scedule of sorts for the boys to keep themselves occupied after school. It will help the in laws tremendously in managing them both.

I should start reading too, pronto.



Wife Pledge

  • Patience…patience…patience…is needed.
  • Only tell once. Don’t repeat. Applicable for everything.
  • When angry, shut up. No need to shout, talk about what happened before or talk about unrelated past issues.
  • If annoyed, just shut up.
  • No matter how tempting it is to yell, just shut up.

February oh February!

Or is it the reflection of the whole freakin year! Talking about the year, it feels like an extension of the past one. It has yet to give out the vibe of a new year. Till now. And we have completed the whole month of January going on February. And yet…

I am tired. Mentally tired. The freakin project that I am managing now has additional issues to be resolved. I have people poking their noses into matters that doesn’t concern them. I have a time plan to follow. And I am nowhere near the mid point due to the additional tasks to do.

At home, I don’t get me time. It has been months since I read a book. I started on Gandhi’s bio and it’s 1/3 read. I want to read but I get distracted by my phone. I just want to curl up and watch a movie or something without getting worried about an unmopped floor. Once I have done my weekly cleaning, I am at peace. Cleaning is therapeutic.

Children walking/running about when I am cleaning is not so therapeutic. That’s when I get annoyed with hubby who is then oblivious to the running/fighting children. He would be fiddling his phone. Which is ok for him to so do. Which is not ok when it comes to me.

And that’s how we come close to killing each other with words. *angry*

Oh ya, I am organizing my very own blogathon for myself, if you hadn’t notice! *wink*



I was tired and exhausted of juggling the house, work and the children AND his parents’ persistent complains about the boys.

Every freakin’ day, just as I step into the house, both in laws would start complaining. Such negativity takes a toll on one’s mental state, you know.

Add mental exhaustion due to work and cleaning up the house every freakin day. Throw in PMS, and voila you have a perfect recipe for disaster.

Hubby’s lack of empathy didn’t help either. I did the next best thing that I could do without physically hurting anyone. I broke my favorite plate. That’s another issue.

I went on a strike, I didn’t touch the broom, the mop, even the wash cloth. I did ABSOLUTELY nothing. No clothes were put for wash, no ironing, no making of the beds,  no cooking, no nothing. The house was in a mess. I got immune to the mess so much so it didn’t bother the OCD me.

Come day three, the husband came to his senses and called the weekend maid (whom we normally call once a month nowadays) to clean the house. I hope now he is fully aware what it takes to run a house and family.

I am expecting him not to accuse that I am always on the phone. I don’t know how but he only seems to see me when I am using my phone. And he can’t seem to see me doing household work.

Urghh! That is so annoying.




Self Audit for a Wife

  • Be nice/nicer to hubby
  • Don’t shout at hubby
  • Don’t show face at hubby
  • Don’t show irritation with hubby
  • Let him have his way too
  • It’s not all about me
  • He has feelings too
  • Stop being a bitch
  • Stop nagging
  • Let him do his stuff
  • Let him do things his own way
  • Compromise
  • This is not a race, it’s a family
  • Talk about issues amicably
  • Let pass of small things
  • Pick your battle
  • He is not a kid. Don’t treat him like one
  • Setting rules for your husband is just so not right.