The BFG & Moana

Being a Roald Dahl fan, how can I not take my children to watch The Big Friendly Giant. As much as we enjoyed it, I can’t say the same about those sitting right in front of us.

D was in his best ‘why why why’ mode. To add on, he could not sit still after a certain time as he wasn’t that interested with giants and couldn’t understand the concept of the girl wanting to be friends with a giant.

To be fair with other patrons, D is on a cooling off period. Hehehe




Aranmanai 2

Watched my first ever horror movie in the cinema. I kinda like even better than the first movie. Good storyline with good set of actors with some twists here and there. Overall, it was a good entertainer.

The other thing is, I think age is finally catching up. We spent most of our time at a mall in my hometown. Boy oh boy! We came back home exhausted.

I practically did nothing at all. Which means, I have to complete my chores tomorrow. That includes the much dreaded ironing of clothes!!



Date with N

For the longest time, N has been asking me to take him out. Not a family outing. Just himself and I. Strictly no thambi, in that. LOL.

Not to mention (again for the longest time) wanted to watch a Tamil movie in the cinema. As D wanted to visit his grandparents and hubby wanted to do some reading for his coming exams, I decided to drive D to my parents place.

After which, N & I shot off to the nearest mall. As luck would have it, there were few Indian movies playing. We bought tickets to Rajini Murugan.

It was a nice fun movie. There’s something about the heroine. Such a pleasant face to look at!!

The cinema was almost 90% unoccupied. Seeing the other two patrons who came in after us changed seats, we did too. We took one of the couple seat which was higher up and without the arm rest! It wasn’t easy for me to move seats. I did it anyway. LOL!

Rajini-Murugan-Movie-Stills-5.jpgAfter the movie, N wanted to play in the kids’ area. Spent sometime there before looking out for some toys. We didn’t get any so N changed route to eat McD. I had my favorite Prosperity burger and he, happy meal.

After a while, we left the place to fetch D from my parents’ and drove back home.

2016 Movie/Book Target

I would like to set myself a target for 2016, just like I did in 2015.

I, O Kadhal Kanmani, Avengers Age of Ultron, Utthama Villain, Yennai Arindhaal, Masss, Jurassic World, Papanasam, Vaalu, Thani Oruvan, Thoongavanam and Naanum Rowdy Than, Spectre.

2014: 8 movies, 2015: 10 movies?
2015: 13 movies, 2016: At least 10 movies?

Sita, Palace of Illusions, A Thousand Splendid Suns, The Krishna Key, For one more day, Red Lotus, Six Suspects, The Secret of the Nagas and The Oath of the Vayuputras.

2014: 9 books, 2015: 12 books?
2015: 9 books too, 2016: At least 9 books?

Wish me luck!

Here’s the 2015 target.