Gold Coast Morib

A short break with the boys. A first for D.
The pictures are from google. ūüôā


Penang 2015

From March 08 to March 11, hubby and I were in Penang. It was a short break for us, away from work. It was a very much relaxed trip where we spent time just roaming the state at our own leisurely time. The much excitement was when hubby took me to his own home in Kuala Kangsar on our way back.

As I am quiet lazy to jot down the day to day activities, please bear with some keywords. Yup, I am that lazy today.

MIL’s childhood place. It’s a place called Sg Bakap. Also visited her ancestors’ temple in Sg Jawi. The picture of the goddess is from that temple.

  • Took the Penang Bridge after much deliberation. The length of the bridge connecting the state to the Penang Island is 13.5km. The alternate is to take a ferry.
  • Penang is a food haven.
  • Naatukottai¬†Chettiar temple, Thannir¬†Malai Temple¬†(512 steps to climb) and another Murugan temple in the same vicinity.
  • Gurney Drive
  • Gurney Plaza
  • Bukit¬†Bendera
  • Penang Time Tunnel
  • Batu Ferringhi
  • Anjung Gurney food haven
  • Line Clear nasi kandar
  • Tanjung¬†Bahang
  • Queen’s Road (Little India)
  • Penang Times Square
  • Him Heang¬†Tau Sa Pneah

Krabi Day Three

Day Three saw us going on a Four Islands tour. Heaven on earth. That’s what these were. Poda Island, Tup Island, Chicken Island & Pra¬†Nang Cave Island.

Chicken Island was meant for snorkelling only. The other three islands were simply breathtaking. Had such a good time soaking in the water.

I feel truly blessed to be able to go to such beautiful places and spend quality time there. Truly blessed indeed!

The last day of massage was not good.

Day Four
Time to head back home. Was lazing in the hotel after breakfast till 11am before heading to the airport.


Krabi Day One

It’s time for a holiday!!

  • This is my first holiday for the year.
  • This is my first time here in Thailand
  • Slept at 12 midnight only to wake up at 3am to catch our 7.15am flight.
  • Reached Krabi at 7.20am. It is 1 hour behind Malaysia
  • Took a bas from the airport to the hotel at a fraction of the usual taxi fare
  • The plan for today is to spend time at the Au Nang town & beach.
  • Bought some fridge magnets for 300 Baht
  • Took the white pick up truck & tut tut just like the locals to get to the town and back to the hotel.
  • The tut tut costs 200 Baht each ride, while the pick up truck cost 30 Baht per person.
  • It was a culture shock to see this many Indian restaurants. Naturally, had lunch¬†in one of them.
  • Many of the locals are Muslims. Saw quite¬†a number with tudung.
  • The clothing shops too are manned by Indians not forgetting the suit tailoring shops as well
  • Went for a full body oil massage at a cost of 200 Baht
  • Dinner was at Aonang Seafood Restaurant
  • We bought two wooden elephant decor for the house
  • The hotel we are staying in faces the beach. It is owned¬†by a German national with whom¬†hubby is buddy now. We got a free ride thanks to the owner. He drove us to Aonang Beach.

More to be shared tomorrow…

Krabi Day Two

Today we took the Phi Phi Islands tour. It cost us 1000 Baht each by speedboat. The pick up came at about 8.15am to take us to the pier.

From there, we went to Riley bay to pick up the remaining group.

40 minutes later, we were at the Bamboo Bay. It was awesome. Had a fun time in the water. Saw fish and sea horses. The beach was a clear water one. Did I say it was awesome? I was shrieking like a kid each time I spotted a fish. Corals were aplenty too. In fact, it was the best part of the whole Phi Phi Islands tour.

Phi Phi Lay had too many boats and barely unoccupied beach. That was our last stop. We spent the most time there, about an hour and half, inclusive buffet lunch.

Between these two islands, we went to Maya bay where the movie The Beach was filmed. Too many boats and too many people. Did not play in the water here. Walked to the other side to view Sama bay. Here, it was solely photography as we had to climb a cliff.

From there, it was time for snorkeling. First, it was the Monkey Bay, followed by the . Before heading to Phi Phi Lay, we were shown the The Viking cave. The sea gypsies occupied the cave at one point, it seems.

Just before we heading back to Ao Nam pier, we were taken to the breathtaking Pileh lagoon. Magnificent, simply magnificent!

Instead of hotel drop off, we asked to be sent to the Aonang town. Went for a two hour massage at 450 Baht. It was simply relaxing. I dozed of a couple of times. I kind of liking Thai oil massage more than the Balinese one!

Dinner was Thai in a restaurant run by Indians. Need some getting used to. I would expect to see Thai speaking Thais. Not Hindi speaking Indians! Nevertheless, friendly lot, they are.

Remaining days in heaven

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The Wrap Up
We decided to spend the last two days free and easy in Bali. More tanning in the Kuta beach, shopping, cocktails and massages later, it was time to bid good bye.

To say I am missing it is an understatement.

The Haulage
Some of the items we bought were:
Fridge magnets
T shirts
Beach shorts
Ganesh wood craft
A couple of Buddha canvases
Local snacks
A wooden toy for N
A knitted bag for self
Souvenirs for colleagues
Can’t seem to remember more
Some goodies from the duty free shops at the airport

I am glad that we tried not to go on a mindless buy all frenzy. ūüôā

Bali food was so so. Nothing exceptional.

The seafood buffet we had at Dewata Cafe Seafood Restaurant & Bar, Jimbaran by the Kedongam seaside on Day 4 was fresh and filling nevertheless. To say it was fabulous, not exactly. For the price we paid, we received an array of sea delights including lobsters-for each some more!

Not only the massages we went to were almost half the cost we pay back home, it was on a league of its own too.

Cocktails-I was on a spree! Bloody Mary, Margarita, Mojito, you name it.

Discovery Mall in Kuta was very much frequented. So was the Dulang Beach Front Cafe.

Jl Poppies II is a must go to lane. Lots and lots of shops selling all kinds of merchandises here. Be sure to bargain!

This is where we discovered Kuta Beach Walk Mall.

Legian Street is another stop. Here you can find a lot of massage centres. Try not to go for the ones which are too cheap. Might get dodgy as advised by our guide.

Tour Guide
We went through this guide. As he was unwell, he sent one of his fellow guide to take us around. No complains whatsoever! ūüôā

Waahhhhhhhhhhh, I want to go back to Bali!

Bali, Day Four

We pretty much covered the South of Bali. To be precise, Jimbaran & Uluwatu.

Garuda Wishnu Kenchana
The Wishnu bronze statue is in progress. That did not stop the local authorities to open up this place for the general public. The head is up, so is part of the arms. The Garuda is face only too, yet to complete to its full form. There were some performances at the amphitheater. Caught those too with an opportunity to watch another much shorter Barong dance.

From this location, we could view the whole of South Bali.
What we saw next was simply spectacular. We were heading towards the Pandawa Beach.

Pandawa Beach
Oh My God! Blue blue hued water. Clear blue water. White sand. Gorgeous waves. A handful of people. Coconut juice. Awesome.

This beach was newly opened to the public. No hotels or buildings within eye was named after the Panch Pandawas. Mid range statues of each brothers are being erected. This is in Sanur. A must go. We had fresh coconut drink while enjoying the scenary. Splendid!

Padang-Padang Beach
The next beach stop was at Padang-Padang. Not as spectacular as the earlier one but definitely better than the ones we have back home. The entry (yes, the entry) is through a narrow path which made by man through the cliff rock. Yes, we had to walk through the mountain rock from way up to down the beach.

Uluwatu temple
The next agenda was to watch the kecak dance and view the cliff temple and sunset in Uluwatu.

The thing with the coastal visits here is that, you can’t say one is better than the other. Each amazingly has its own charm and wonder.

Needless to say, so are the cliffs of Uluwatu. The scenery overlooking the Indian Ocean and the beautiful beautiful waves hitting the shore are god like! Walk and walk we had to to get the both ends  of the cliff.

Kecak & Fire dance
Just as we covered the sights, it was 5pm. It’s time for Kecak and fire dance and sunset viewing. What a wonder the culture holds. The Ramayana characters were brought to life by the gentle and graceful dancers. The men! The hordes of men who formed the background chorus to the dance. Wow!

I felt as though I was watching a pagan ritual. Simply mesmerising. With the fire in the middle and approaching dusk and all.

Sea view dinner at Jimbaran
Sea view dinner was the next stop. We went to this place called Dewata Cafe Seafood Restaurant & Bar. Very pricey and the guide got a huge cut! Eat plentyful but the taste and price we paid was not justified by any means!