The Inevitable

I am may be without a job next year. If I do not accept another role. CV has been updated in preparation. Not so sure what is going to happen.

Major restructuring is happening within the organization. The core being my department. As usual, everyone is being mum. Speculations and misinformation are all over. It is a challenge not to take interest in these.

The irony is, I was selected for a global leadership program as recognition for my leadership. And now, I could possibly be laid off. It is a big uncertain possibility, but one that  lingers around.

The thought of preparing the CV itself was intimidating. I had to do what I had to do. Once I started, I got the hang of it. Even started enjoy doing it if I may say so. I was reminiscing the jobs and roles that I used to do. A replay of memories of those years just came rushing like a breath of fresh air.

I have come a long way. And I am grateful for that.



12 hours on average

It was madness all over the last couple of months. I was given a region level project where I had 3 sub managers under me. This, in parallel to my day to day role. I was clocking in on average 12 hours a day. Sometimes more. Leaving the office between 8.30pm to 9pm was the norm. I was even working from home and even during weekends.

The key stakeholders all had their own agendas. The project time line was incredibly a short. Where a similar sub projects were standalone and were given 3 months each. Here, I had 4 projects, all running in parallel and was given a timeline of 2 months.

The sub project teams were about to be mobilized to each countries when an announcement from the region put a stop to the project.

With that, I got my life back with a mentally and physically self and body.

I am gradually picking up pace but not as fast as I expected. One slow step at a time. From absolute zero cooking, I have progressed to somewhat cooking.

The weekends are such a pain in the ass as it consists of laundry and ironing. I hate ironing. Period.

While I am generally all calm and serene at work, I became the worst of the wicked ratchasi back at home then I normally am. The husband was bearing the most of my bad moods and the lil ones equally had their share from time to time.

The early period didn’t quite help the situation at home.

Things are getting better…albeit slowly.

February oh February!

Or is it the reflection of the whole freakin year! Talking about the year, it feels like an extension of the past one. It has yet to give out the vibe of a new year. Till now. And we have completed the whole month of January going on February. And yet…

I am tired. Mentally tired. The freakin project that I am managing now has additional issues to be resolved. I have people poking their noses into matters that doesn’t concern them. I have a time plan to follow. And I am nowhere near the mid point due to the additional tasks to do.

At home, I don’t get me time. It has been months since I read a book. I started on Gandhi’s bio and it’s 1/3 read. I want to read but I get distracted by my phone. I just want to curl up and watch a movie or something without getting worried about an unmopped floor. Once I have done my weekly cleaning, I am at peace. Cleaning is therapeutic.

Children walking/running about when I am cleaning is not so therapeutic. That’s when I get annoyed with hubby who is then oblivious to the running/fighting children. He would be fiddling his phone. Which is ok for him to so do. Which is not ok when it comes to me.

And that’s how we come close to killing each other with words. *angry*

Oh ya, I am organizing my very own blogathon for myself, if you hadn’t notice! *wink*


From handwriting to junior staff

Handwriting: I am on a mission to improve my handwriting.

Typing: I can type real fast & without looking at the keyboard too.

Movies: I am on a roll.

News:I make it a point to read the news everyday before noon. So far so good. From a newspaper junkie to nothing. Now to something. Most of the news were obtained either on Facebook or Twitter.

Makeup: whenever I leave the house, with exception to work.

Slippers no more. Sandals only.

Junior Staff: They are only too happy to handover their tasks and limit themselves of growth. Say when asked to write ‘apple’, they write it down as ehPaL. Complete no regard for correct spelling or capital letters. As long as it sounds like apple, they congratulate themselves for completing the task of writing it down. It’s even more disappointing though they may be junior staff, they are certainly not young.

OMG Moment!

In the last 7 years of working in this current position, which is now closed technically, this is the much embarrasment I had to put myself into.

 We have this monthly online conference with 15 of the region’s representatives. An idiot colleague of mine who had gone to her hometown during the weekend asked what I would like her to buy back as she was
flying in the next morning. Her state is renowned for nasi kandar.

Instead of typing in her window, I typed into the regional meeting window. I instinctly tried to delete the entry which is of course futile as there is no way I could do that once the ‘enter’ key is pressed!!

Thank god, besides the chair, no one else knew what is it that I typed. They don’t speak bahasa nor do they understand, plus they were busy listening to the business review and watching the presentations shown online.

The bad thing, for me was that, the chair had to be a mentor of mine. And a good friend. And funny fellow.

Needless to say, he and few others within our close circle had such good time on my expense!